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The Evanuris are real.

That’s the first thing anybody that’s met them would tell you. This is especially mind-boggling to the Dalish when they learn that the Dread Wolf is… a nice guy. Those who have met him might tell you that he’s a little off; but then he’s a wolf spirit who was deitified by the People.

He gets to be a little off.

It should come as no surprise that Elgar’nan wants power. His history with Mythal and her guard, protector, and lover is not a good one. And people with power hold the longest grudges.

A war is brewing between the two sides—The Sylvas stand for the freedoms of the People and work with Arlathan. The Eth stands for the recreation of what was lost.

Will you be enslaved to Elgar’nan’s cause or will you be the one that stops him?

If history’s repeating itself, perhaps we should revisit the history books.

Learn all you can, weary souls, before it’s too late.

The Evanuris will return.


  • LGBTQIA+ friendly.
  • Polyam friendly.
  • Disability friendly.
  • ESL friendly
  • No word count.
  • Community is active.
  • Many canon roles and franchise roles available.
  • Original characters encouraged.
  • Custom classes/specializations.
  • Voting on big site decisions.
  • No micromanagement.
  • Simple D&D dice system used for combat.
  • Choices matter and can change the world.
  • Many want ads and connections.
  • Site shop is active.
  • No experience with the games is needed.
  • Easy-to-write application.

9:49 dragon

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03/14/2023: - Solas is back from the dead and available for roleplay. And with him comes "fast travel", as some of our members have coined the eluvians. These eluvians can take you anywhere in Thedas, and we hope this fosters easier access to RP!

03/08/2023: - It is springtime in Thedas! And Razikale, the Ferelden archdemon, now walks amongst the people of Ferelden.

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This event runs from July until September 6th. ICly this event runs for a month.

Antiva is a country ruined by plutocracy, something that the royals despise. It is a coastal kingdom, relying heavily on sea-trade. This country has fruitful vineyards and is known for an aggressive diplomatic approach when dealing with other nations. This is one of the wealthiest nations in Thedas. The landscape varies, from forests and mountains to the ocean, large domed buildings that are truly just displays of wealth.

Places of Note


Ferelden had just been freed from Orlesian hold during the reign of King Maric, and therefore it can be expected that much of Ferelden's architecture can mimic Orlais. However, Ferelden does have its own castles with high steeples and turrets, it's flatlands, farmlands and more. In this nation, teyrns and teyrnas hold power over their own land, and the King does not always have the final say.

Places of Note


The Free Marches take up a lot of eastern Thedas, situated to the south of Antiva, east of Nevarra, and north of Ferelden. There are many cities encompassed in this area, however the main three cities of note are: Wycome, Kirkwall and Starkhaven. These cities are independent-minded, led by the descendents of barbarians who cannot agree on any matter at all. The Free Marches are always divided, and every city has a different outlook on how the city should be ran. These are practically lawless lands... but be careful not to break the laws that do exist.

Places of Note


Building are stone and brick, with steep sloping roofs, double-sloped mansard roofs, dormer windows, towers and turrets. Orlais has always taken things far too seriously, and may be considered one of the most dramatic nations in all of Thedas. The people of this Empire walk around in elegant clothing that are often styled after animals, or otherwise crafted to be as extra as is humanly possible. Masks are oft-used to hide ones face, especially if you're involved in 'the game'. Everyone's playing at something.

Places of Note



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