RACES: Werebeasts
Long ago, the Chasind perfected the art of shapeshifting. Whole clans would venerate specific animals, passing their ways down through the ages, concentrating the essence of their worship until their bloodlines internalized the form of the beasts they so fervently emulated.

So, too, are other tales - of dark curses and spiteful vengeances. Skilled dark mages who were capable of forcing transformations upon their enemies, entropic magics that dredged up animalistic instincts in their foes.

With the veil gone, these curses and bloodline bonds have reasserted themselves in full force. In the modern day, these “werebeasts” are uncommon, but still extant.

Werebeasts can be either naturally-born (from other werebeasts) or magically cursed with the affliction. Weres who share the same bloodline also share the same species of animal, while cursed weres’ species type is determined by the mage who cursed them. Wolves, bears, and large cats are most common, though some outliers do exist.

The affliction, once rooted, is genetic, and extremely difficult to cure.

All werebeasts, whether cursed or by bloodline, have three “forms” that they are able to shift between. The first, their “humanoid” form, is virtually indistinguishable from other humanoids. All races are potentially able to become werebeasts, with the exception being aberrations, whose unique blood disallows a were shift to take root.

The second form is their animal form - again, virtually indistinguishable from a “real” animal. The were is able to shift into their animal form at will, though doing so can be painful and sap the were’s energy. Werebeasts in animal form are often slightly larger than their natural counterparts and may have some specific identifying markings, but otherwise appear to be natural animals. The werebeast cannot speak or cast magic while in their animal form.

The third, most infamous form of a werecreature is their anthrope form. An unholy blend of both humanoid and animal, the werecreature has no control over this form whatsoever, and cannot shift into it at will. Their instincts take over while in this form, and they are typically overcome with unmitigated bloodlust. Werebeasts are (often painfully) forced into their anthrope form at every full moon. With time and effort, the were may gain a measure of control over themselves while they are in this form, but it does not come naturally.

Wolfsbane and other potions and poultices can create a soothing effect on an anthrope. Only very skilled alchemists are capable of concocting these aids, and most refuse to do so, viewing werecreatures as myths at best, and monsters at worst.

  • Only one werebeast is permitted per player.
  • Determine whether the character was born a werebeast, or if they were cursed.
  • Identify the species of their animal form in your character's codex.
  • Describe their anthrope form, and how much control they have over it, do this is your character's codex.
  • Note: Thedas has two moons with different moon phase cycles; and the anthrope form is forced on both full moons.
  • We prefer common animals, but if you have an idea for an uncommon or rare animal, present staff with a compelling plot hook. This is on a case-by-case basis.

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