Eularia Lovette-Campana
Lady Lovette; Little Crow; Necromancer Queen; Queen of the Thieves
Medalion Rahimi
Demon of Rage
45 (looks late 20s)
Married & ... It's Complicated
The Eth
Husband: Francesco Campana
Ex-Husband: Robilliard Hanz
Biological Father: Ermine Lovette (estranged)
Biological Mother: Amelia Lovette
Adoptive Father: Nicolao Marque
Sons: Alonso and Enzino Campana
Daughters: Franziska Lovette-Campana and Adaria Campana

Lover: Magnus Rhysand
Daughters with Magnus: Verity Amara Rhysand, Sonnet Esme Rhysand (identical twins; born in Bloomingtide 9:49)
Adopted Daughters with Magnus: Vera Rhysand, Sunny Rhysand (fraternal twins; born in Bloomingtide 9:49)

Early Years

Eularia's family, poor in money but rich in love. At least, that's what she always believed. She grew up happy, the eldest daughter of six children. She learned to play the flute, to dance, to love the arts that her father spent his life creating. Entertainment was the name of the Lovette family. That's how they got their bread and butter. And it all went great, until girl met boy. Girl hid from boy that she was a mage, after all, he was a royal. Best not slip up, and she was careful, and she never slipped up.

Six months of bliss, before one day she came home to be informed that they'd managed to pay their debts! She was so thrilled, their parents had no debt, they had no debt. She might have a chance to better her status... Her excitement faded quickly when she learned that she would most definitely better her status, under the thumb of a Kirkwall noble. They'd sold her, sold her away. She accepted this with a broken heart.

The night before she was to leave, Eularia sought out Frankie. One last night with her beloved prince. She didn't tell him that she was being sent away, because there was nothing he could do, even if he tried.

Life in the Marches

Eularia's new husband found out she had magic, and he used that as another tether to keep his caged pet in place. One word to any of the Templars around Kirkwall and she'd find herself in a place worse than the Lord Hanz' home. She had a daughter with her husband in an attempt to make him... happy. She thought he'd be pleased if she had an heir; he might treat her like a wife. But the reality?

She was a weapon for him to use. And her daughter was another tie to him that would ensure she stayed in place.

Inquisition Times

One day, while Eularia and Franziska were with her husband on a trip, traveling through Orlais on business, things began to go wrong. She'd heard rumors about the tear in the sky, and the Inquisition. But her husband had no interest in helping to save the world. Rifts were opening everywhere, and one opened in front of them. Eularia shoved her husband towards the strange tear in the Fade, and she fled with her daughter.

The two of them headed for Skyhold, because The Inquisition seemed like the safest place for them. Eularia could heal, and fight to an extent. She wanted to do something than be a pawn, controlled by others. Not to mention, the Inquisition seemed like the best place to learn more about her magic, and her daughter's. Little Franziska began to show signs of magic on their journey to Skyhold.

Eularia found her long lost love, rekindled her relationship, and is now married to Francesco. They have three children, and one more on the way—Francesco adopted Franziska.

The Last 4 Years

Presently, Eularia has married her husband. They've had three wonderful children (one set of twins) and they both have been coronated as equal rulers of Antiva. She has just as much power as her husband. The Crows, who had raised Eularia, thought this was their chance to truly rid Antiva of the Campana Royal Bloodline, and tried to convince her to kill her husband (as she had been assigned to do, when they were much younger and simply dating). Eularia refused.

It's uncertain if the Crows already had their eye set on Rivain, but Eularia believes it was her fault that Rivain was taken in war; because she refused to do the job the Crows gave her. The Royals are now on the run, and life is strenuous. She's a fugitive in her own country, and she's starting to worry that history is going to keep repeating itself.