Rylee Ivers
Cara Gee
Senior Warden
The Grey Wardens
Mehra Sayer, Mother †
Taeven Ivers, Husband †

Perun, albino Anderfel Courser (12 yo stallion)

Her Ritewine reads: "Vintage: Warden Rylee. Shem Tears."

Rylee's voice has a rough, throaty quality that commands attention when she speaks no matter how loud or soft she is.

Typically, Rylee doesn't carry much on her. She has a pair of silverite daggers that were a gift from her mother, along with both her wedding band and Taeven's on the necklace with her Joining amulet. Beyond that, she carries only bare essentials depending on the mission or where she's headed.

Rylee's Playlist.

All artwork commissioned from Amenorium.

I put my armor on, show you how strong how I am

Born to a single mother in slums of Halamshiral, Rylee learned at an early age the importance of her people and her culture. She also learned, quickly, the best way to survive was to be faster, smarter, and often stealthier than others around her - especially Shems. From the time she could walk, her mother taught her how to fight, to defend herself. Taught her how to pickpocket, to squeeze into tight spaces, and how to stay hidden, even in broad daylight. Rylee was molded into the perfect thief, the perfect accomplice. Together they made a fair living, and shared a close bond with one another. And it was by age of 16, her mother had helped arrange a marriage for her to a young man in Kirkwall's alienage. And, together, the two saved up - and stole - every copper they could and began to make their way to the City of Chains. Her mother, however, would never get to see Kirkwall or meet Rylee's betrothed. Taking ill on the trip, she could not get the care she needed - especially once they were on their ship to the Marches. She died just days before they arrived, but not before bequeathing two silverite daggers to Rylee. Daggers that she still carries to this day.

While sad, and even conflicted, following her mothers death, Rylee followed through with their original plan. She arrived within a few more days at Kirkwall and met her soon-to-be husband. Taeven was everything Rylee (and her mother) could have hoped for; kind and honest, fair and hardworking. A compassionate young man that made an honest living. And everything that was the opposite of Rylee. Yet it worked. For two years it worked well. Off and on in those two years, Rylee found work for herself with different mercenary and smuggling crews. Making herself an invaluable solo agent, taking pay from the highest bidder for whatever work was needed. She never balked, never hesitated and always got the job done. Rylee's skill became highly prized among the varying crews in Kirkwall and put her in high demand after a while.

I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am

One particular job she took, easier than most, had her finally "working" with her husband. As skilled as Rylee is with a dagger, Taeven was equally so in the art of weapon and armor-crafting. Often he'd craft his wares for local shopkeepers for a cut of the profits. In an effort to expand his market - and perhaps earn a way for them to move out of Kirkwall and to one of the other city-states - Taeven set up a meeting in Markham with a potential client. All he needed to do was produce and deliver a set of armor and weapons to demonstrate his skill. If they sold, and sold well (as he told Rylee) there was the potential they could move themselves there.

The trip, unfortunately, hit a snag halfway into it. Coming too close to an old, unknown entrance to the Deep Roads, they were ambushed by a small group of Darkspawn. Having never seen the beasts before, they were slow to react accordingly. The fight was not overlong, but it was extremely chaotic. And in that chaos, Taeven was infected. They didn't notice at first, collecting themselves and their things, they proceeded on their journey. Just before reaching Markham Taeven collapsed, having quietly grown weaker as they progressed. Panicked, Rylee rushed her husband into the city - leaving their wagon of goods for any opportunist to steal. She didn't care, all she cared about was not watching someone she loved die again. Yet the local healer she found could do nothing for them.

It took one agonizing week for Taeven to waste away. And even then, he asked for her dagger to his chest to end the pain. He'd become pale and gaunt, his eyes going bloodshot and hair beginning to fall out. The pain, he'd once remarked before the end, felt like an oozing ache. Crawling throughout his body and slowly eating him away. Tearful, Rylee had granted his last wish; pressing one of her silverite daggers into his chest as she pressed one last kiss to his forehead.

I'm unstoppable I'm running with no brakes

Having spent all their funds on the materials for the weapons and armor he'd made, and their journey to Markham, Rylee had nothing but the clothes on her back and the daggers. She took his body outside the city, burning it in the woods and burying the ashes under a particularly large tree. And she stayed there, for days after, her anger festering. And in the midst of her anger, she recalled hearing word of Grey Wardens visiting the city. Gathering herself and what little she had left - now wearing his wedding band in a makeshift necklace - she sought out these Wardens and all but demanded to be recruited.

It would be a couple months, but she eventually underwent the Joining and officially joined the ranks of the Grey Wardens around mid-Harvestmere 9:21. Over the next 6 years, she spent time in Ansburg, Nevarra, and even the Anderfels at Weisshaupt Fortress. In late Kingsway 9:27, she returned to Ansburg and assumed the role of Warden-Constable. Contentions between her and the humans, however, forced her to be stripped of the rank and sent back to Weisshaupt to be assigned elsewhere. She spent years, from here, mapping and tracking entrances to archdemon prisons. In this time, she worked alone with only one or two exceptions over the years. Secondary was a task to chart, track, and close entrances from the Deep Roads to the surface that weren't explicitly guarded by the Legion of the Dead.

I'm invincible Yeah, I win every single game