Colin Morgan
Spirit of Hope
5'ft 10in
Free Marches
Free Marches
Circle Mage
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  • Codex EntryCircle Born
  • Since he was a child, he had been taken to the circle tower.
  • Codex EntryFade Touched
  • As a dreamer he can enter the Fade at will without using lyrium or blood magic.
  • Codex EntryRoyal Blood
  • He is Sebastian Vael nephew.
  • Codex EntryWar Torn
  • For a time, he was involved in the war between the mages and the templars.
  • Codex EntryHeed The Herald
  • He joined the Inquisition and supported its cause until it was officially disbanded.


9:27 - 9:35

He, like many others, was raised within the circle tower and has known nothing else. His family abandoned him with little choice, and no one ever told him about them, so he grew up believing he was unloved. The first enchanter was the closest thing to a father figure he had. It was difficult to lose the circle and Irving. Such horrors should not befall a child, but he was a mage. He had no choice but to grow up a bit that night. His heart was burning, but he had no one or nothing to blame, so he blames himself. Consequently, he made a promise to himself that he would grow strong in order to protect others. But, like his brothers and sisters, he began by assisting in the restoration of the tower. During that time, the days became more complicated.

His real training began after the blight was over. His desire to assist others drove him to further investigate the fade, also known as the beyond. He had discovered a link to the metaphysical realm, much to his surprise. This turned out to be both a curse and a blessing. As a dreamer, he could enter the Fade at will, without the use of lyrium or blood magic. It was, however, a power he had to keep hidden from everyone. This was more for his own protection than anything else. During his sleep, he would travel or even shape into existence things from his dreams. Fortunately, his charismatic personality allowed him to befriend a spirit of wisdom during one of his erratic trips to the fade. The spirit guided him and taught him how to control his gift allowing him to grasp and handle it.

Meanwhile, fear gripped many people's hearts as a result of the circle's previous experience, so the chantry ensured that security within the tower was tightened. All mages were assigned a templar and isolated from the rest, but he always found a way to get away from them, if only for a short time, so he could make friends and spend time with them. However, his actions were not without consequences.


9:36 - 9:40

Kinloch Hold, they would have you believe, had been restored. The truth is that there are still scars left behind, and those who feared mages have been given another reason to do so. Life as a mage was never easy, but Jareth always managed to find joy within its walls. He even made friends with the templar assigned to him. Having a strong and gentle figure by his side made the last few years bearable. But it was time for him to face... the harrowing, no matter how many times he tried to avoid it. Little is known about this rite of passage, except that only those apprentices who do not pass this test are never seen again. It was made even more terrifying by the fact that he would be the first person to have such an experience since the tower's restoration. Though he was relieved to finally understand what the rite entailed. The fade had become his area of expertise. But the fact that it was a matter of life and death demanded that he take it very seriously, which he did.

The Fade, according to the Chantry, is a realm of primordial matter from which the Maker created the physical world and all living beings. Others regard it as the dream world. He feared possession as a child, understandably so after witnessing the horrors perpetrated by others in the past. Unwilling to live in fear he came up with an idea. He set out to make friends with good spirits who would be willing to protect him when he was in the realm of dreams, oblivious to the ways of the fade. Naturally, this was a difficult quest; he had to confront many nightmares before he could ever hope to rest and know peace. But his efforts bore fruit, and he gradually gained the trust and loyalty of many different types of spirits, but his closest companion was the spirit of hope.

Spirits taught him more than any of his many teachers. However, he kept this a secret because the circle was not ready for the truth. As he enters the fade naturally, Hope greets him. Once inside, the spirit tells him everything he needed to know, but he always keeps an optimistic attitude while he does. Together they overcame the trial. With the assistance of the spirits, he had dubbed friends, he felt not only safe but hopeful for the future. Waking to his realm a full member of the Circle of Magi, he made it his mission to prove that spirits are essential to a mage's survival. Sadly, his ideology is something that would be quick to dismiss. After all, he is not the first to assert that spirits can be beneficial. He made certain, however, that he did not give up hope. Being defeated is frequently a transient state. He reasoned that giving up is what makes it permanent.


9:41 - 9:44

Whispers of freedom can be heard all over. Hope for those who feel enslaved, but despair for those who only know the circle, for those who know how much hatred the outside bares them. The chantry and their leaders did not fail to remind everyone of the dangers of magic and the precariousness of a mage's existence. The Divine Conclave was held in an attempt to end the war between the Rebel Mages peacefully; it was a chance for mages to be heard, but instead, an explosion destroyed everything. The sky was ripped apart, leaving a glowing scar behind. Fearful of being dragged into a war he did not want to be a part of, the Dreamweaver did what only he could do. He slipped away into the dream realm, leaving everyone else behind. After all, he felt the safest among the spirits. But even the fade was changing, and the spirits requested that he return because it was not a safe place to be at the time.

When he returned to his realm, he discovered the tower had been ransacked and shattered once more. The scene brought back memories and emotions that he thought were long gone. He lamented his beloved tower and those he knew and eventually decided to bravely leave the tower and join the other mages in war. Upon the fields of war, he called upon the spirits for protection, as well as the essence of the fade itself. However, it didn't feel right to slaughter those who had once kept them safe, so he gathered all those who would follow and left the fighting to those who believed in it. Fortunately, the inquisition was established with a noble cause to pursue. He joined the order and worked alongside them, but the real work began when the herald offered the Mages an alliance. Together with his kin, he worked for the great cause of closing the breach. He had hope for a future again after being inspired by the organization, but it would not be the same with so much change.


9:45 - 9:48

With the inquisition disbanded and the circle broken there was no place to call home. Forced to rebuild his plans for a new future, he set out to find his true family. Although he is unsure what it will be like to see them after they have abandoned him. It may not be his best idea, but he had to start somewhere. Meanwhile with the Veil torn, spirits began to infiltrate the mage's bodies, fearful that the boy would be possessed by demons. While he slept, Hope descended on him. Unaware, he returned to Ferelden and revisited the lonely tower where he was raised. There wasn't much to find, and others were also hiding inside. But he didn't mind; all he wanted was to find any trace of his origins. It took him some time, but he eventually found it, and he couldn't help but notice it was Irving's handwriting. Surprisingly, the truth drove him away from Ferelden when he discovered his blood branched of the Vael family line. This was a fact that made it difficult for a mage to claim. For the first time, he felt despair; he keeps losing people, and his dreams chatter easily, so why should he bother?

That’s when he felt it, his inside burned and his gaze flashed briefly. Forced upon him, memories rushed to his aid as he remembered Hope and the words that had inspired him so many times. stirred into optimism, he dared to believe again. Unaware that a familiar spirit had taken root within. Despite the fact that it may be difficult, if not impossible, he has a dream and hopes for a home. With the chantry in shambles and the Divine no longer alive, he could try and reinstate the circle following the Divine's attempt. If he can prove himself to be a Vael, he may be able to use his name as a means to an end. But he was curious about his parents as well. Irving bringing Jareth into the circle was vaguely mentioned in the letter, but it was clear that it was a favor to be returned. Unsure of what will happen, he sets off toward the Confederation of Free Marches, hoping to discover his kin and not be utterly alone in the world.