Devera Eluvia
"Mistress of Mystery"
Segovia Amil
Razikale of Mystery
32 (Ancient)
Entirely Open
Tevinter Imperium
The Grey Wardens
Empathy: She uses this to learn her victims. Why do you think she's able to show such terrifying imagery to the Grey Wardens with their taint?
Dreamweaver: This is how she weaves the calls that all wardens here.
Blight Magic: As an expert in the Blight (and the cause of it), she's a force to be reckoned with.
Entropy: She wields her entropy like she'd wield a human heart. Carefully and thoughtfully.
Blood Magic: Blood magic keeps her body alive; keeps her young. As a perpetrator of the Blight, she's well versed in the life source of all. She can control both blighted blood and non-blighted blood.
Daemon: There's no need for her to control spirits; but this body had this ability and the Venatori woman named Devera used to wield it to pull and release spirits from her body.
Shapeshifter: Unlike most shapeshifters, Razikale has only retained her body's ability to shift into her true form. The High Dragon Razikale, Archdemon of the Blight.
Spirit: Another leftover ability from the body. The woman had been great with the pull of spirits, hence her special interest in the archdemon.
Dreamer: One cannot dreamweave without dreamer. She's able to transverse the historical paths of the Fade, perhaps even better than most, due to her lifespan and her time asleep.
Telepath: Devera had been a talented telepath, using her abilities to carefully, slowly, drive her enemies into madness. Razikale will make use of this.
Glamour: Though she does not need to glamour herself in this body, she may choose to.
Arcanist Derangement: Because she brings madness to those around her (eventually), she brings madness upon herself, as well.
Virokinesis: The user of this body, previously, would create ailments to weaken her enemies.
Umbramancy: Like her siblings, Razikale has some control over the darkness.
Geomancy: The earth responds to her after so long of sleeping beneath it.
Aeromancy: Like the wind beneath her wings, she has learned how to use aeromancy to fly easier.

The paths ahead are lost in darkness, and those who walk them find only ruin.

Personality Reminders:

• At times is confused and weakened due to adjusting to being in a human body.
• Her moods are mercurial, but rarely is she apathetic. She's a very convincing liar, and is passionate about one thing: The Blight.
• Because she's corrupted and not purified, she's... very much about the Blights. Enjoys the destruction, the desperation that she'll witness as a human.
• Her sexuality is fluid and this character will do whatever she can to learn about the humans (see: wardens) trying to end her life (and the Blights).
• She will be fascinated by the vessels (and able to sense those who are vessels.)
• Sometimes speaks in old, dead tongues.
• Forgets where she is, quite often.

Grant us eyes to pierce the darkness and souls to bear the wounds of your labyrinth.

They worship her, and they want her. The Venatori set their sights on finding and acquiring the next two archdemons — Lusacan and Razikale. They only find Razikale. Before their ritual can be done to transfer the sleeping dragon into a human sacrifice, the darkspawn find them.

Another Blight begins.

Those who call out to her in dreams hear nothing.

The Venatori have spread throughout Thedas. Some in Orlais, others in Ferelden. Many more in other places. Their objective has not changed and they have infiltrated the Ferelden Grey Wardens to acquire their goddess.

The Venatori make it a point to ensure they sacrifice everyone in the first battalion that comes face-to-face with the she-dragon. After all, the old teachings speak of sacrifice to bring Razikale back to them.

It does not work. Everyone dies but the dragon lives.

Dragon of Mystery, return to us, we beg you.

The second time the Venatori think: this is when we'll get it right.

Another handful of deaths, recklessly and wild, and yet the dragon lives.

What will they sacrifice?

Run if you can. Madness has filled the silence. Do not return to this place.

Fourth time is the charm.

The Venatori warden that strikes the killing blow dies; and in that moment a Venatori from the shadows slaughters the rest of the wardens with her.

It's fast enough that the Venatori mage can then perform a ritual to yank the soul out of the deceased dragon—

—to it's new home: in the body of a warden.

Razikale is hidden in secret, taught to be a human by her Venatori liberators. And when she is human enough, they return this warden to the warden-commander.

A sole survivor of a terrible feat. Perhaps the Blight is truly over?