Coco Fessehaye
High Princess of Rivain, The Flower, Little Bird, Freckles, Bean
Aiyana Lewis
N/A; protected by amulet
Betrothed to the First Talon, Devante Santanna
High Princess of Rivain

Coco is a halfbreed and has inherited pointed ears from her Dalish elf side. She also wears a long-lasting nullification amulet which prevents her from being possessed as long as its on. Coco was also born 16 minutes after her brother, Cade.



Twin Brother: Cade Fessehaye

Younger Sister:


VOICE Beyonce


From a young age, as the firstborn daughter of the Rivain Queen, Coco's life was already predetermined. Her days were filled with rigorous education on matters of leadership, politics, and the intricacies of various cultures. With little time for personal indulgence, her every move was carefully orchestrated, leaving little room for spontaneity. Yet, amidst the demands of her royal upbringing, Coco sought solace in fleeting moments of freedom. Yearning for a taste of the world beyond the palace walls, Coco would venture out incognito, concealing her true identity behind clever disguises. Donning ordinary garb, she blended seamlessly with the common folk, exploring the bustling streets and hidden corners of the kingdom. It was during these clandestine escapades that she discovered the true essence of her people's lives. In her covert journeys, Coco found herself drawn to the vibrant world of performers and artists. Their talents stirred her soul, transporting her to realms of beauty and emotion. She would linger in the shadows, captivated by the melodies of musicians, the graceful movements of dancers, and the spellbinding tales spun by storytellers. In these stolen moments, she shed the weight of her royal obligations, immersing herself in the enchantment of the arts. But it was not only the realm of human artistry that enticed Coco. Nature beckoned her with its allure, and she sought solace in its embrace. She wandered through sprawling gardens, feeling the soft caress of grass beneath her feet. The songs of birds filled her ears as she ventured into dense forests, forging connections with the wildlife that dwelled within. Coco reveled in the simplicity of these encounters, finding solace in the authenticity of nature's beauty.

Teenage Years

As Coco matured, her role in Rivain's royal affairs expanded. She was entrusted with the responsibility of observing diplomatic meetings, a task that exposed her to the intricacies of political negotiations and the art of diplomacy. Accompanied by advisors and guards, she traveled to diverse regions, immersing herself in the vibrant tapestry of cultures that existed beyond her homeland. While the prospect of an arranged marriage loomed over her future, Coco remained steadfast in her pursuit of personal growth. She recognized that true power lay not only in her noble lineage but also in her abilities and knowledge. Determined to become a capable leader, she devoted herself to honing her magical talents and refining her leadership skills. Unlike her childhood adventures, where she would disguise herself to blend in with the populace, Coco's exploration took on a different form as she embraced her magical heritage. She discovered the ancient art of shapeshifting, enabling her to transform into small animals and discreetly observe the lives of ordinary people. With the ability to inhabit different forms, she gained unique insights into their struggles, hopes, and dreams, forging a deeper understanding of the kingdom she was destined to rule. In her animal guise, Coco would wander the bustling streets, silently observing the interactions and intricacies of daily life. She witnessed the joys and hardships of the common folk, finding empathy in their stories and drawing inspiration from their resilience. The freedom granted by her shapeshifting abilities allowed her to connect with her subjects in a way that surpassed mere observation, enabling her to empathize and advocate for their needs. Amidst her clandestine excursions, Coco encountered a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the people she encountered. From wise elders to skilled artisans, she sought to absorb their expertise and integrate it into her understanding of leadership. By embracing the diversity of cultures she encountered, she enriched her perspective and broadened her horizons, preparing herself for the challenges that awaited her as the future ruler of Rivain. Coco's determination to improve her magical prowess and leadership skills went beyond the confines of her royal duties. It was a testament to her unwavering commitment to the people she would one day serve. With each transformation, she deepened her connection to the world around her, fostering a sense of empathy and compassion that would guide her in the face of adversity.


As Coco reached the milestone of 18 years, a newfound sense of liberation washed over her. With each passing day, she felt the weight of expectation lift, allowing her to embrace a sense of independence and self-discovery. Immersed in a world of possibilities, Coco embarked on a journey of exploration, both within herself and the world around her. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Coco found herself engrossed in various pursuits, constantly multitasking to fulfill her insatiable curiosity. She delved into research, immersing herself in books, scrolls, and ancient texts, seeking to expand her understanding of the realms she would one day rule. With every page turned, she unraveled the intricacies of history, magic, and the secrets of her lineage. However, Coco's aspirations extended beyond the confines of her studies. Fueled by a wanderlust that burned brightly within her, she set her sights on venturing into uncharted territories. Guided by her thirst for adventure, she charted maps and dreamed of far-off lands, envisioning herself walking the vibrant streets of foreign cities and exploring the hidden wonders of distant realms. Her goals became a roadmap to freedom, beckoning her to step outside the confines of her royal obligations and embark on a personal odyssey. Amidst her pursuit of knowledge and exploration, Coco also experienced the tumultuous journey of young love. In the throes of passion and romance, she dared to indulge in the fleeting connections that crossed her path. Yet, she soon discovered that her affairs were influenced by the manipulations of her mother, who sought to arrange her romantic entanglements for political gain. The ephemeral nature of these dalliances left Coco yearning for a love that would transcend the bounds of obligation and politics. Though her heart was adorned with the fairytales she read as a child, Coco aspired for a love that was genuine and uncontrived. She longed for a connection that would ignite like the pages of her favorite stories, born out of natural chemistry and shared experiences. With each passing encounter, she remained steadfast in her belief that her true love would find her in due time, unburdened by the constraints of arranged unions. In the depths of her being, Coco nurtured a flickering hope, fueled by the belief that love, like the wild waves crashing upon the shores of Rivain, would come crashing into her life with a force both unexpected and exhilarating. She yearned for a love that would unravel the layers of her soul and ignite a flame that would burn brighter than any political arrangement.

Caged Bird

Coco's role as a beacon of hope and leadership in Rivain carried immense weight and responsibility. Countless eyes turned to her for guidance and direction as they sought liberation from the clutches of Antiva's hold. Aware of the expectations placed upon her shoulders, Coco found herself walking a delicate tightrope between fulfilling her duties and maintaining her sense of self. The pressure to appease her people and restore Rivain to its former glory loomed over Coco like a shadow, casting doubt and uncertainty on her every move. Though she possessed a resilient spirit, the weight of these expectations began to take a toll on her well-being. She found herself retreating from the public eye, seeking solace in the sanctuary of her thoughts and dreams. In an attempt to preserve her sanity, Coco started to avoid public appearances and shied away from making consequential decisions. The fear of making a misstep, of failing to live up to the lofty ideals thrust upon her, gnawed at her conscience. She yearned for a respite, a moment of respite from the ever-watchful eyes and the burden of constant judgment. However, as Coco withdrew into the confines of her world, a sense of weariness began to settle upon her. The weight of her responsibilities, combined with the pressure of the impending marriage to a Talon, slowly eroded her energy and drive. Her once sharp mind became clouded, and her focus wavered. She found herself succumbing to exhaustion, often dozing off in the tranquility of her garden, seeking refuge in the embrace of nature's soothing embrace. Little did Coco know that her increasing lethargy and waning vigilance had made her a vulnerable target for the Talons. The ease with which they captured her was a sobering realization, a reminder that even the strongest among them could be ensnared in the intricate webs of power and deception. As the reality of her circumstances sank in, Coco was left grappling with the profound implications of her forced marriage and the heightened surveillance she would now face. Despite the weight upon her shoulders, Coco's indomitable spirit refused to be extinguished. Though she had been dealt a difficult hand, she refused to surrender to despair. She knew that the path ahead would be treacherous and fraught with challenges, but she was determined to find a way to reclaim her agency and shape her destiny. With her resilience as her armor and her intellect as her guide, Coco set forth on a journey of self-discovery and strategic maneuvering. She would navigate the treacherous waters of her new reality, seeking allies in unexpected places and unraveling the intricacies of the political landscape in which she was ensnared. Through it all, she would strive to reclaim her voice, and her autonomy, and forge a path that defied the constraints imposed upon her. As Coco ventured into the unknown, uncertainty and doubt may linger, but her unwavering determination and unwavering spirit would guide her through the darkest of nights. She would not allow herself to be defined solely by her circumstances, but rather, she would emerge as a force to be reckoned with, a beacon of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.