Cian Korath
Oliver Stummvoll
Poly/Pan, greysexual
Married to Faelyn and Silas Korath
Free Marches
Free Marches Commander
The Grey Wardens
» Ruaer (meaning the winter star):
A short sword given to him by Faelyn.
» Amnes (meaning Heart Swan):
A dagger given to him by Silas for off handed use.
» Standard issue Warden Armor (Mage):
Light armor made for a mage's use.
» Journal( One of twenty):
Cian's current journal. The others have been lost.

Family and Loved Ones:
» Hollis:
Cian's best friend and mother of his child, research partner. Deceased.
» Tavish:
Cian's other best friend and stepfather to his child. Lost in uthenera
» Ailbhe:
Cian's child. Lost in uthenera
» Faelyn Korath:
Cian's Husband. Lost in uthenera
» Silas Korath:
Cian's Husband. Lost in uthenera
» Parents and Siblings:
Unknown thought to be deceased or lost in uthenera

Young, corrupted by tragedies of war and exile.
The third born of his family he showed signs of magic from a young age and when found to be a dreamer was given over to intense tutelage. It was here that he met Hollis and a friendship quickly grew between the two of them as they studied together. Youth’s hubris would find them falling into each other far too fast thinking that they had found themselves content in that,but it did not last. An amicable parting. Surprise for the both of them when Ailbhe came along. Cian was an attentive father. Happy to help where he was able if anything it deepened their friendship. Joyful when she met Tavish.

He was not expecting Silas to find him. The man disturbing his study of the arcane to drag him away from his books and spellwork and out into the sunshine. He had only wanted information of the plants he was trying to use for said spellwork. Nor was he expecting for the scholar Korath to take an interest in his work. Falling in love again wasn’t his list to do and in truth it took the two of them nearly a century to even admit his feelings. The two by then research partners along with hollis. In comparison to the wait their marriage was swift and things settled.

In some ways he was grateful that both Faelyn and Silas took to uthenera together so the other would not be alone. He was not ready and stayed to keep working alongside Hollis. In some ways he regrets because there was no way despite him searching for them in his dreams to warn them of what was happening.

Of the soldier he had become for Falon’din in an effort to protect them.

Losing hollis. The flight to get Tavish and Ailbhe somewhere safe.

The veil going up and within that him finally submitting to uthenera.

He dreamed, but it was far from peaceful. The past and present are a disjointed mess for him.

I am not ruined

Alone in spite of himself
He falls into uthenera in chaos and wakes to chaos. The First blight heavily upon Thedas. He barely makes it out of his resting place made tomb alive. Wanders the wilderness for a months before coming upon a civilization. Quickly realizing he’s out of his depth he slinks back into the wilderness despite the danger posed and likely would have died if not for a grey warden patrol helping him out of a tight spot and getting him to a healer.

Once stable the torrent of questions doesn’t stop until he has the full scope of what he has seen. Fear for his love ones then. The desire to see their resting places kept safe and secret fuels his need to join but the years spent fighting the darkspawn fosters a deep loyalty to the cause. Deeply loyal but the fight goes out of him shortly after Dumat is slain in finality that an earthquake hit where Silas and Faelyn reside.

Upon investigation he finds the upper levels of the structure collapsed and unable to reach the lower, despairs. Months later he simply disappears, once again in giving over to uthenera, and dreaming.

A boy made of ash and honey soaked dawn

Rust on his hands, in his throat, in his lungs
He does not know what to do with the owl following him in his dreams. Despite being able to shape and will things as he wants the owl never leaves his side. Watchful, waiting, He does not know what do with the fact that the owl answers back when he asks what he’s doing here. Breath stolen as the god of death and fortune stands before him shattered as he is. Time means nothing as they converse and for that both are grateful. A deal struck and with that both god and warden set eyes on the fifth blight.

His oath is not forgotten but he is in no position make himself known so he heads north from Ferelden. Helping where he can even if it is very little in the grand scheme of things. Landing in Ansburg under the warden banner once more. Thankfully his name was forgotten to time.

Bright eyed, rough edges, scraped raw and twisted with time

Where is his soft epilogue?
He settles himself within the ranks and slowly but surely begins to climb. Within the last five years making Commander. Falon’din tired, relatively quiet up until the veil came down. Active then, vocal, almost yelling with the way he wishes for things to be. They have been slowly working on a relationship that doesn’t hinder the other but gets them both what they need.
I am ruination