The Huntress
Mercedes Varnado
Shok ebasit hissra. Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit, aban aqun.
Maraas shokra. Anaan esaam Qun.

A native, Dalish elf of Seheron, The Huntress was born into a warrior people those of Tevinter called Fog Warriors. It was from a young age that The Huntress was trained to fight. To battle against the two nations that wished to claim the home of her people. But, sometimes, training can only get someone so far.

On the very first raid with her cell, The Huntress - along with her fellow warriors that were not killed - were captured as they fell into a Ben-Hassarath trap. She was barely 16 at the time.

The Ben-Hassrath agent that laid the trap evaluated each one of the surviving cell members. Putting them each through rigorous tests, some of which ended up killing a few more. Each test, though, The Huntress came out on top. She made sure of it. Her survival, best she could tell, depended upon it. For those that had given up were killed, or taken away never to be seen again.

She made herself useful, made herself appear as skilled as she felt she was. While it was not her confidence that won her the title of Viddathari, it was the dogged determination and proven skill to continually come out on top. It was, however, the day she arrived at Viddathlok that she officially lost herself, her history, and her heritage.

Re-education into the ways of the Qun would take but a few years. Before 20, she'd been educated and assessed. Assigned to the Antaam, she is granted the name of The Huntmaster - tasked with hunting down any bas prisoners that escape. In so doing, she becomes Aqun-Athlok. And it is this great lie she tells to herself, that the Qun tells her, that begins to eat away at her.

It takes ten years before she is able to reclaim herself. To a degree Her past, her culture, even her birth name are all forgotten. But she finally decides she will no longer live a lie. She is not Aqun-Athlok, she is not The Huntmaster, but rather The Hunttress. It is first Bas-taar that notices this change in her, and she is reported to the Ben-Hassrath. An agent is dispatched to bring her in for re-education, but Huntress runs. She knows she will be Tal-Vashoth, but she's finally realized her own self is worth such a fate.

Within a year, The Huntress has made a name for herself across the Free Marches and even into Orlais and Nevarra. She's ruthless, always catches her prey, and never stays in one place for long. She has little regard for the bas she deals with, still viewing the world through a very Qun-tainted lens.

This, however, is her purpose - and she will serve it faithfully.


9:42 Tal-Vashoth

It was in late 9:42 that The Huntress was able to escape from the Qun and start her life over as Tal-Vashoth. Despite still holding to nearly all of the Qun's ideals, she could no longer live the lie of being Aqun-Athlok. And she could not stomach going back to live some other lie if the Ben Hassrath caught her. Within a year of escape, she'd established herself - while still evading agents - as a renowned tracker and began her life as a mercenary for hire.

9:45 The Shadow Council

Despite the reputation The Huntress had built for herself following her departure from the Qun, the odd jobs here and there of tracking and occasional bounty hunting were not sustainable. Not until word of mouth brought her into the radar of The Shadow Council, a group she'd known nothing about. It wasn't long before her skills were brought into the fold.

9:46 Torn Veil

The skills The Huntress provided to her new allies proved invaluable, as she was the one able to bring Vela to her target. The grand prize of the Dread Wolf. Fen'harel. Solas. The name for the man did not matter to The Huntress. Her task had been completed, but it had not ended the way she or Vela had expected. Both were there to watch in shock and horror as the eruption of magic tore the elf apart. And all at once, The Huntress found herself unable to leave Vela's side. What had once been a mere business deal had turned into something new. A friendship. A kinship to another that The Huntress had not felt since she met Asala for the first time. Adjusting to life without the Veil was challenging, but possible with a friend and purpose to guide her. And while Vela rallied people, The Huntress was able to help locate a suitable home within Arlathan forest to rebuild.

9:48 Arlathan

Just when The Huntress began to feel more at ease in the current state of the world, she woke one morning to find Asala - her beloved panther - had been possessed by a Spirit of Purpose. A Spirit drawn to The Huntress herself, but unable to possess her. She works to adjust to this new reality, however, while still attending her duties as a Marshall. While most tend to work more on the outside, The Huntress stays within Arlathan's forest unless otherwise required.