Bethany Hawke
Beth, Bethy (only to family and close friends)
Jenna Coleman
Free Marches
Mage Advisor to Sebastian Vael
Bethany Hawke was quiet as a child, striving to keep the peace between warring siblings and stay unnoticed by those around her for fear of being caught as an apostate. As she grew older, she grew more comfortable voicing her thoughts and came into her own as a strong voice for reason and compassion in the Circle. She quickly took on a leadership role there, mentoring apprentices and turning herself into a model enchanter even as her circumstances deteriorated around her. In the end, her people (mages) became her cause, one that has filled her with confidence and purpose, and she no longer lives in the shadow of her well-known sister.

Family: Aoife Hawke, Carver Hawke
Allies: Anders, Sebastian Vael, Gefen Vaughn, Merrill, Varric


9:20 Dragon

The Hawke family's peaceful existence in Ferelden is shattered when Bethany shows her first sign of magic. Tired of seeing one of the local kids get away with bullying others time and time again, Bethany's pent up frustration and anger unleashes in a wave of invisible force that pushes the bully across a field and into a tree. Terrified of what she's done and the implications of it, she runs home and by dawn the next day her family has left their home behind never to return. The sense of safety and security she had vanishes, replaced by an ever present anxiety stemming from the fear of being discovered and guilt for being one more reason they have to hide their true selves to stay safe.

9:30-9:31 Dragon

The Blight hits home and they nearly leave too late to escape it. Chasing hopes of finding a new home in the land their mother hails from, the perilous journey is made to Kirkwall. The next year is hard, scraping by, trying to simultaneously avoid the Templars watchful eyes while paying off their debts. She helps her sister with jobs when she can and tries to keep the peace at home. Eventually her sister takes a gamble on an expedition to the Deep Roads, and while Bethany wants to come she's ultimately left behind. Eventually, the words Hawke and apostate land together on too many lips. She doesn't know if they mean her or her sister, but either way when they come for her she doesn't fight it. Privately, she's relieved - the idea of not having to hide who she is anymore is refreshing and perhaps the Circle isn't as awful as it seems.

9:32 - 9:37 Dragon

While she misses her family and her freedom, Bethany thrives in the Circle. She passes her Harrowing immediately and quickly takes to both honing her craft and teaching younger apprentices. As her sister gains more notoriety, Bethany takes pains to become the perfect enchanter so that Meredith and the Templars have no excuse to take any of their frustrations out of her without it being obvious what they are doing. Still, as the Templars become more cruel and the mages more desperate she can't turn a blind eye to things. She finds ways to escape the walls when she can to visit her sister, to gently aid others on their path to freedom, to encourage Templars to see them as people rather than demons in waiting. And when everything crashes and burns, Bethany is more than ready to stand by her sister's side and fight for freedom.

9:38 - 9:49 Dragon

At first, Bethany finds her purpose in helping other mages escape their bonds and becomes a strong voice for reform - the core idea of the Circle as a place for schooling isn't bad after all. However, when words reaches her of Aoife being trapped in the Fade she drops everything and returns to her family, reuniting with her brother to help care for her sister in the aftermath. She doesn't stray too far after that, especially after the Veil falls. She takes up residence in Starkhaven, one of the few who remains committed to the idea of setting up a support system and schooling for those with magic and those interested in understanding it better. When Sebastian offers her a position as his mage advisor, she doesn't hesitate to take it.