Elanna Cousland
El (to those close to her)
Sarah Bolger
Heterosexual, Polyamorous
It's complicated?
Advisor to the King and Highever Landsmeet Representative
Trust is in short supply where Elanna is concerned, but once you have earned it you could not find a more loyal friend or companion. She is true to her word, and if you cross her she will find ways to make you regret it. She never forgets, seldom forgives, and will not hesitate to do anything her in power to protect her loved ones, her homeland, and its people.

Friends/Allies: Byron Wulff (close friend with on-again, off-again benefits), Zevran Arainai, Red Jennies
Family: Fergus Cousland (Teyrn of Highever)


9:13 - 9:29 Dragon

Elanna is born the second child and only daughter of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland. Her childhood is happy even if her desires and interests sometimes conflict with those of her parents. While they successfully impart a sense of duty and responsibility to their daughter, try as they might they cannot get her to take to the trappings of nobility. She prefers plain language to honeyed words, functional clothing to uncomfortable frocks, and to spend her time in the outdoors with her bow than studying trade agreements and treaties. Fortunately, her brother is well prepared to take on the mantle of Teyrn when the time comes and when her nephew is born the pressure is off. There doesn't seem to be any hurry to grow up and settle on her future, and she's happy to take her time.

9:30 - 9:31 Dragon

Everything changes one horrific night in 9:30 when Arl Howe and his forces slaughter every living soul in Castle Cousland. Elanna barely escapes with her life, and begins to limp her way south as best she can manage, injured as she is. By the time she reaches Lothering word of the defeat at Ostagar has spread and her hopes that her brother might still live are extinguished. She joins Lanariel on her quest to defeat the Blight, seeing it as her responsibility to aid Ferelden in its time of need. Still, vengeance is what drives her, and her ultimate goal is to slay Howe and reclaim her homeland. Ultimately, both are accomplished, but the Lanariel's decision to spare Loghain drives a wedge between them. She takes up the Teyrnship of Highever and begins to rebuild, until her brother is discovered alive. She's happy to hand over the title, but there is a long road ahead for them both.

9:32 - 9:48 Dragon

The events of the previous year forever change her, but slowly she begins to move forward. While previously dismissing politics as boring, having lost her family to them she takes a new interest and active role in them moving forward. She splits her time between Highever and Denerim, aiding the rulers of both as she can. She develops a reputation for being honest and forthright, if not always the most diplomatic. Her voice carries significant weight at the Landsmeet due to the power and prestige of Highever and she makes the most of it to try and reshape Ferelden for the better.

She knows better then to depend on mere words, however. Trust got her family killed and remains in short supply. It's with that in mind that she develops a whisper network, keeping her ear to the ground so that if someone starts to go down Howe's path she can intervene before more lives are lost. That, and having secrets in your back pocket is never a bad thing.

9:49 Dragon

Elanna has more or less settled into her roles, continuing to split her time between aiding and advising King Wulff in Denerim and her brother in Highever. She does her best to wield her power wisely, feeling the weight of responsibility she never wanted but doesn't trust to others.