Solana Tinuvial
Vir Ati'shan
Ashley Madekwe
Spirit of Wisdom
Council Member
Arlathan Leadership
“Peace cannot be kept by force; an eye for an eye will make the world blind.”

Solana was gifted (or cursed, some might say) with an insatiable curiosity and desire to understand the world. She is extremely well traveled and knowledgeable, having indulged her wanderlust and inquisitiveness for centuries before war and the cruelty of the Evanuris made it impossible to continue that life. She ultimately lost everything when the Veil was created and it turned her from a bright, engaging soul to one whose life is defined in part by loss - still empathetic, but far more still and stoic than before. She wants to help Arlathan reclaim what was lost, and puts her hard-earned knowledge and wisdom to use through her efforts in the Repository and offering council when able.

Friends/Allies: Faelyn Korath
Enemies: The Eth


A wild youth

If there was one thing that defined Solana's youth it was insatiable curiosity. The wonders of the world were not lost on her and she wanted to experience them all. Boundaries and warnings meant nothing - if something was deemed different or dangerous it was just because no one understood how it worked. She explored with reckless abandon, reaching for the untouchable, mixing magics normally kept separate, never satisfied with simple answers. Her explorations did not leave her unscathed, but neither was she ever harmed enough to deter her. If anything the opposite was true.

Soon enough her desire to know and understand could not be contained to her home and she gave in to her wanderlust, following her whims to the farthest corners of the world. There was not a river she did not cross, a cave she did not delve into, a vista too high to reach. She had an eternity to live, after all, and what good was eternity if it was not spent seeking to learn evermore about the world and the magic that wove through it.

War comes for us all

In time, she met someone with a similarly restless heart who was content with the nomadic lifestyle she'd taken to. He was the wisdom to her knowledge, the caution to her recklessness, the thoughtfulness to her impatience. They complimented each other well and in time decided to marry. A child came soon after, and the sharp edges of her youth further softened as parenthood gave her a new lens through with to view the world.

But the times did not afford her family the same freedom she had grown used to in her earlier days. The Evanuris turned on them, taking slaves and waging war, and it became dangerous to follow a path of your own. She never wished to be a warrior, but she also refused to bow to tyranny. Though she never took up arms, she and her family chose to aid the rebellion through sharing the knowledge and wisdom they'd gained throughout the years. True safety was a myth, and they stayed one step ahead of anyone who might have suspected them of lending their aid to the wrong side.

A changed world

She would never forget the day the Veil was formed. Her family had sought refuge near Vir Dirthara, spending many days amongst its halls, learning from the spirits and adding the knowledge gained over many long years of exploration to its halls. She can't remember why she didn't go with her husband and child that day, but it was a choice that forever changed her. The moment the Dread Wolf cast his spell and locked away the tyrants the world broke and shattered, and the library along with it.

She felt when it happened - suddenly the magic that had been a constant companion was wrenched from her soul, much of it locked away behind an invisible barrier. She sought out the place that had become home, the one place she dared set down roots, only to find it torn asunder. Her family became in that moment a casualty of the war right alongside the once place she had never felt the desire to leave.

Her heart closed off, her grief nearly all-consuming, and the once bright and curious soul was forever changed. She returned to travel, seeking to understand how the world had changed, to return the magic that had been stolen away, but it simply left her hollow. The joy she once felt at learning evaporated as each discovery only reminded her of what she had lost. Seeing no way to heal the world, to return its lost knowledge and magic, she instead used what strength she had left to enter into uthenera, unsure if she would ever awaken again.

The Awakening

When she awoke, it was to a new world. The Veil that had so cruelly taken her family from her was no more and magic flooded the world again. It was a world, however, that did not understand the gravity of what had taken place. So much had been lost in the intervening centuries and Thedas was but a pale shadow of what she once knew. If she was to walk the world again, she wanted to restore the best of it. Hoping perhaps a fraction of what she'd known remained, she made her way to Arlathan to find a city seeking to rebuild. She offered her aid, her knowledge, the wisdom she'd earned over the eras of her life, and began to make a new home.