Charlie, Lottie
Morfydd Clark
Nullification Amulet
36 (appears early 30s)
Bisexual, but prefers men.
Free Marches
Free Marches
Former Grand Enchanter
Charlotte is, above all else, soft and caring. She's a penchant for keeping to herself or those that she knows well, and is terrible at letting new people get close to her. Despite being a mage, who's spent years honing her abilities as a Spirit Healer, she's more likely to treat ailments and injuries with less magical remedies. Time among templars and, later, those still distrusting of mages following the dissolution of the original Circles, saw such skills put to good use. She can be ill-tempered in her bedside manner, often curt and blunt with no room for patience with foolishness.

While it might currently be in storage, Charlotte still possess Orsino's old staff. She also still holds safe Starkhaven's copy of the Litany of Adralla. Within her well-loved satchel she carries: notes on the Rite of Tranquility, personally made notes on Herbalism, notes on Lyrium withdrawal*, self-made healing & lyrium potions, spare cloth, dried herbs & flowers, a mortar & pestle set, a healing crystal imbued by a spirit of Hope, and even a honey pot (despite her distaste for the stuff).

* These are collected pages that Charlotte has made over the years regarding templars, lyrium, and everything she knows regarding withdrawals. It also contains notes on different things that have helped different templars. While she specifically names templars, she does so in a code so as not to breach their privacy should anyone other than herself look upon the pages.

9:13 - 9:31

There's not a lot to Charlotte's past. Born to a whore in an Ostwick brothel, she never knew who her father was — only that he was human. She'd been a mistake, but it didn't stop her mother from loving her with all her heart. Raised communally among the others within the brothel, Charlotte knew nothing but joy those around her brought. Even some of the regular patrons enjoyed playing games with her when she grew old enough to walk.

Everything was wonderful until some weeks after her 6th birthday. Her mother had gone into labor, prepared to bring a second child into the world. But complications saw fit that neither mother nor baby sibling would survive. Devastated at the loss of her mother, it was in that moment Charlotte's magic made its presence known. When one of the other women in the brothel tried to take her away, she accidentally set the place ablaze.

With no choice, the templars were called to escort the upset child to the Circle. She was brought to Starkhaven where she withdrew from those around her, focusing only on her studies and interacting as much as she needed to learn. 12 years later, shortly after her Harrowing was completed and Charlotte was made a full Enchanter, the Circle she was residing in was destroyed.

In the chaos, she'd run until she found templars. Templars that were all too happy to escort her, with others, to Kirkwall and to the Gallows. It was there that Charlotte really learned to keep her head down, especially around certain templars. Some she knew she could trust, others left a sick feeling in her gut. But never did she voice her opinions or act out, still trusting in the system and the need for the templars' presence and the Circles.

9:32 - 9:40

Charlotte started teaching younger mages a couple years after being in the Gallows. While she formed bonds with some of her students, she never fully gave herself to anyone around her. Keeping a wall around herself, ever aware she could lose someone at any time. And ever cautious not to have an outburst as she did as a child.

Just a few years later, Kirkwall's chantry is destroyed and the Rite of Annulment is called for by Meredith. In the first — and only — time she acted against the templars, Charlotte guides as many of the young mages to hide as she can and does her best to defend them against the templars.

When the fighting finally ends with Meredith's death and the dust settles, she remains in Kirkwall to help rebuild in the aftermath. Even in the wake of the Seekers coming to Kirkwall a few years later, she remains to help those still impacted from both the explosion of the Chantry and the ensuing fighting between the mages and templars.

9:41 - 9:44

It isn't until word reaches her of the explosion at the Conclave and the ensuing formation of the Inquisition that she leaves. Arriving at Haven shortly after it's formation, she offers her services as both a healer and researcher. Her skills are immediately put to use as she's sent to the Crossroads to aid. Later, after Haven is lost and the Inquisition moves to Skyhold, Charlotte is eventually sent to Griffon Wing Keep. There, she acts as the keep's primary healer until they are recalled ahead of the assault on the Arbor Wilds.

Only able to stay at Skyhold a little while longer, she's soon brought on an expedition with the Inquisitor to discover the source of recent, strange tremors in the earth. It's on this expedition that the Inquisition's best intentions bring trouble as an archdemon is uncovered. Corrupted by the darkspawn before the Inquisition could even act. Ever since, she's done her best to stay out of the fighting as best she can. Focused more on healing and protecting than anything else.

Conversations with Vivienne - and soon to be Divine Victoria - lead to her involvement in rebuilding and restructuring the Circle of Magi. And with this new Circle comes a new responsibility as Vivienne requests Charlotte take on the role of Grand Enchanter. A role that Charlotte finds herself unable to decline, despite her desire to simply maintain her research and continue helping people. She now travels regularly between the Circles, but most often can be seen not far from the Divine in an effort to keep the woman's health in check.

9:45 - Present

Matters changed rapidly for both Charlotte and Vivienne. Both targeted by an assassin, neither of them could survive the wounds and damage inflicted. Fortunately for Charlotte, a friend was not far: Akibrus Blaine. While her body was beyond repair, his skill allowed her soul to pass into an amulet. There it remained for a brief time until a former Tranquil came forward. The woman had been unable to handle the rush of everything back into her - her magic was too overwhelming and compounded by the presence of a spirit, she was breaking mentally. While the Tranquil's mind could not be saved, Akibrus had seen another option: a new vessel for Charlotte.

The transfer was easy and difficult all at once. She remained in a coma for nearly a year - similar to a state that elves might call Uthenera. But even after she awoke, it was adjustment to a new body. A different feeling to the magic. Charlotte remained for the following few years at Starkhaven's rebuilt Circle. Living there under the guise of the Tranquil who's body gave her new life. Given a nullification amulet from Akibrus, Charlotte currently remains free of possession while she continues to strengthen and adjust.