Lanariel Surana Rutherford
Freida Pinto
Voracity (Desire Demon)
Married (Cullen Rutherford)
Arlessa & Warden-Commander
The Grey Wardens
Cullen Rutherford, Husband
Garahel & Jonathan Rutherford, Sons
Connor Guerrin, Adopted Son

Anders, "Adopted" Brother
Morrigan, "Adopted" Sister
Ragnar Caius, "Adopted" Brother

Kieran Mac Tir, Godson
Asha'bellanar Mac Tir, Goddaughter

Rosalie Rutherford, Sister-in-Law
Mia Rutherford, Sister-in-Law
Branson Rutherford, Brother-in-Law
Unnamed Rutherford, Sister-in-Law (Branson's Wife)
Unnamed Rutherford, Nephew (Branson's son)

Senyla Surana, Biological Mother (Deceased)
Thelen Surana, Father (Unknown)
Adari Surana, Step-Mother (Unknown)
Valwyn Surana, Half-Sister (Unknown)

Demon Bond
Lana always had a strong connection and bond with a Desire demon, Voracity (though she's been known to call them "Des"). The connection developed around the time Lana's magic manifested as a child and has stayed persistent throughout her life. When the Veil came down, she welcomed Voracity to herself without hesitation, after all, she trusted it more than any other spirit. They now share her body, forging an even stronger bond. When Voracity is in control, her eyes are a solid black. Unless she's asleep, Voracity never takes over her body without her explicit permission.

Shrike, White Tiger
A 6 year old white tiger that Lana found as a cub on one of her many treks between Skyhold and Vigil's Keep. He's her fourth child, and goes everywhere she goes.

Garuda, Griffon
While all of the current 13 griffons have imprinted on Lana, Garuda is her baby more than any other. Garuda is a surprisingly tolerant griffon, for as fickle as the beasts can be. She is most often the griffon used to carry a second rider when traveling. She loves treats and is probably one of the more spoiled griffons found at the Peak.

Favored Shifts
Orange Tabby Cat
White Tiger
Blighted High Dragon

Profile art commissioned from Marina.
Cat shift art from CutePencil.

9:29 - 9:31 Dragon

After developing a relationship with Cullen Rutherford in the Circle, gives birth to twin boys that are immediately whisked away to an unknown Chantry to be raised. Acts out, but ultimately recruited by Grey Wardens before the templars can find a suitable punishment for her. Survives the Joining and the battle at Ostagar. Returns to the Circle to find it in shambles. Manages to save her lover and recruits him to join her, along with Wynne.

Together, with the other companions that she eventually recruited, Lana is able to end the Blight. The lands of Arl Howe are given to the Grey Wardens by newly crowned King Alistair, and she becomes the new Arlessa. Events of Awakening take place and more Grey Wardens are recruited. Soldier's Peak is cleaned up and is once again a fortress for the Grey Wardens. New recruits are sent there to train.

9:41 - 9:42 Dragon

Offers support to the Inquisition when it is reformed, especially as her husband goes to oversee their military. Her wardens are used as scouts and soldiers within Ferelden as called upon.

Takes a trip to Weisshaupt, where she finds Isseya's journal. With just a couple very close companions, Lana follows the clues of the journal to the Red Bride's Grave in the Anderfels. It's here that she and her fellow companions find the surviving clutch of 13 griffon eggs. Brings them back to Soldier's Peak to be raised. Begins to now further split her time between Soldier's Peak and Vigil's Keep.

News of the griffons is not common knowledge in this timeframe and only those stationed at Soldier's Peak, or in her close inner circle, know of the griffons.

9:43 - 9:47 Dragon

Not a ton for Lana and her family happens in this timeframe. The Ferelden Grey Wardens grow, as do the griffons. She oversees the construction of a new wing of the Vigil that will allow temporary shelter for the griffons as the wardens traveling with their new companions go between the Vigil and the Peak. At this stage, word has spread about the return of the griffons, but Lana very intentionally keeps her fellow Grey Wardens in the dark, only allowing her personally recruited Wardens - or family - access to them.

9:48 Dragon

Despite the raging Blight problems, Lana focuses her efforts only on Ferelden. She dispatches groups of wardens only as absolutely necessary, focusing her efforts on sealing Deep Roads entrances. She also, behind the scenes, works with the Architect to cull the hoard from multiple angles. Her power and influence of the Amaranthine Arling remains strong.