Ruth Yoesif
Jamie Campbell Bower
Spirit of Compassion
Bisexual (Homoromantic)
Currently Single - Final Picked


He can appear unfriendly and rude and often make an ass of himself and his friends, but Ruth is loyal. A friend once made he is fiercely protective, but isn't afraid to speak his mind. He prefers not to entertain fools but he can be thoughtful and considerate.


Ruth is not one to express his feelings for someone. Trust is an issue, and experience has taught him people are not to be trusted. Usually if someone strikes his fancy he can be a bit of a romantic, often passing notes or taking a keen interest in what they like/say. He can be slow in expressing himself but once he has found something, is tenacious.


He's not one to stick around if he makes an enemy. Ruth is mostly a nucience. He is messy, and disorganised with his office or workspace. Mostly he goes about unnoticed, keeping out of the way and to himself. Drunk on rum his tongue however can land him in hot water.


Ruth rarely talks about his dalish kin, if he does it's usually not positive and often used to compare his old life to h is new one. His 'family' consists of Riftan, his oldest friend and Lillian, the dwarf's adopted daughter. Being Godfather to Lillian it appears they have an odd dynamic but Ruth takes great interest overseeing Lillian has a decent education. Megara is another of his friends. The Nanny, and while he calls her out and gives her a great deal of grief he knows she is reliable and kind.


Ruth approaches his work seriously. He does not enjoy being part of a team, prefering to work on his own. He can be a loner and quite particular about how he goes about it. Outside in the wilds, he is cautious but diligently follows the lead.

Early Life

9:08 - Birth

Raised as the next Keeper, Ruth was expected to continue the traditions of his people. Ruth showed great potential with magic, however his talents would not surface in time to rescue his mother Amara. Her loss greatly effected the young Ruth and in the subsequent years he suffered heavily under his father's ironfist. At sixteen he would finally have had enough of his father's abuse and flee his clan.

9:24 - Ghislain Cirlce

His brief freedom was that, brief and the young Dalish soon found himself caught by Templars and sent to the Ghislain Circle. After forced through the Harrowing, Ruth was admitted to the rest of the Circle. His stubbornness and arrogance was not diminished by being made prisoner. He found solace in the Circle’s vast library, seeing it as an opportunity to learn more than what his humble origins had to offer.

Despite the sanctuary of the library, Ruth is critical of how the Circle’s were managed, though to keep himself out of trouble kept his mouth shut. Until he had devised a plan of escape, Ruth kept to a monotonous routine, blending into background further developing his skills as a healer. A rare outside mission finally arrived at his feet and along with a few drugged wine bottles Ruth was once again free to wander. This time, a little more prepared for life on the run.

Early 20's - Mid 30's

9:26 - Mercenaries and Wizards

Quickly realising that without coin he’d starve, be killed or wind up back in Ghislain, Ruth joined the services of a merchant. Part of the mans entourage included being guarded by a group of mercenaries. In particular the mage would spark up an unusual friendship with a Dwarf by the name of Riftan Derrick. The following years fighting and working side by side, saving each other's skin Ruth and Riftan became an inseparable pair. After Riftan chose to serve a minor noble in Orlais, Ruth was not far behind in offering his services.

The elf would accept a role in the nobles household as a healer and magical advisor but refused to do perform 'tricks' unless absolutely necessary. He would only indulge the noble for the sake of his large library and protection from the Templars. Regardless if a large portion of the library was - at least according to Ruth - an utter waste of parchment and nothing but filth - he was quite comfortably set.

9:33 - The Nomadic Life

The Orlesian, however, soon fell out of favour. Before losing his head, he left them one last request; to take care of the his bastard daughter and keep her safe. Lilian was 9 at the time and Riftan, being as he was, would take the responsibility seriously adopting the lass as his own. Ruth, after pledging himself to his friend for years, followed after, becoming a somewhat reluctant uncle. Despite how it might seem or sound, Ruth has a soft spot for Lilian the two developing an understanding and unique relationship. He takes great care with her, especially her education and she often aided him when treating patients. Settling further south, Riftan would take up work in the local tavern. Ruth followed but after a year or so could not fully settle, fearing that the templars would eventually catch up to him. He kept moving, travelling all over but often returning to see how the two were faring.

9:37 - Kirkwall

News of Kirkwall spread fast and Ruth decided he was better off being with his trusted friend, knowing a storm was about to break out all over. Nowhere was really safe but at least in the company of Riftan and his trusty hammer they might have a chance at weathering the storm.


9:40 - The Chance for Peace

With the Conclave eventually declared, Ruth convinced the dwarf to pack up his tavern and venture with him to the Temple. Both curious and hopeful that the human's Divine would help in restoring sense to the South and end the senseless killing on both sides.

Present Day

With the veil torn down and spirits and demons alike seeking out mages, Ruth was no different in attracting a specific compassionate spirit. It had been with him since he could remember, offering him and his patients comfort in their hours of need. It helped ease their pain and knowing Ruth for so long sought to comfort him by remaining once the veil came down.

He found it inheritantly strange and bewildering to begin with, yet has came to accept the sharing of his body.