Sivvy, Vene, Veni, Venti, Experiment Cetacea 1.2V3
Naomi Watanabe
Demon of Envy
Polyamorous, Asexual
Sivene was genetically modified with octopi DNA. Though she appears human, when she is wet she becomes a half-human, half-octopi creature. She requires constant hydration, and does her best to not let those around her see her as she truly exists; she's ashamed of what she is, and remembers a time in the past where she was never enough for her Creator. Sivene is bubbly and bright, and lets herself stand out in a crowd, but refuses to stand out as what and who she truly is. She's fast to forget hurtful words, deflecting them as she did the abuse she suffered as an experiment.

White coats everywhere...

From the moment Experiment Cetacea 1.2V3 opened her eyes, she only knew pain and torment. She was one of the first of a new line of Cetacea, to have the ability to appear totally Elvhen until liquid of any kind touched them. In this, she was a success, but this did not make up for her shortcomings in other areas of genetic exploration and study. She never had a mother, only a single handler who would pretend that she was not a being that required emotional nurture.

Am I Worthy of Emotion?

The Creator made a mistake and did not ensure that 1.2V3 was bound tightly enough during a trial. The child managed to injure the scientists working on her, and was left restrained, with no food or water for days. As she dried out, she began to hallucinate and experience delusions — by the time a handler returned to retrieve her, she was erratic and dangerous. Instead of sedating her once more, this handler took a chance on 1.2V3, and showed her kindness... This kindness was received, and then became an addiction. Praise of any kind, she'd do anything to receive praise. This made her an easier experiment to handle, but it also made the handler that was in charge of her vulnerable to their emotions. The Elvhen woman that served the Creator eventually came to love the Cetacea aberration as if she were her own child. This is where she was given a name — Sivene — for the plant that had been woven into her genetic makeup.

Maybe There's a Chance

Sivene, newly named, would spend the majority of her life as an experiment. However, her handler would eventually help her escape. While the Creator was distracted with business amongst the Evanuris, there was a mass escape of aberrations from this particular compound. After this escape, Sivene began to learn things such as communication, emotions, body language... With a bit of care and love, Sivene was quickly flourishing in the small Elvhen village that she and her handler, who she called 'Mother', had moved too. The Veil had gone up shortly after their escape from the compound, which meant... nobody was after them.

Life After God

Life after her Creator was good, until one day she came home from exploring to find her handler, now-turned mother, asleep on the bed. Her mother did not wake up, as she'd entered uthernera, the eternal sleep. Sivene shaved her mother's head, and carefully finished the rituals that the woman had begun herself. She'd enter uthenera shortly after, her purpose in life was her mother.

Sivene woke up, but her mother did not. She's wandering Thedas, and has found that her purpose is to make others smile with her eccentric clothing designs. Deflecting the bad in her life, Sivene has chosen to only reflect the good.