Witch of the Wilds
Hanaa Ben Abdesslem
58 (appears 35)
Kind of Married to Loghain Mac Tir
Witch of the Wilds
Rare Shift: High Dragon
Family Tree:
Flemeth (mother - assumed deceased)
Mirage (sister)
Loghain Mac Tir (partner - deceased)
Kieran Mac Tir (son)
Asha'bellanar Mac Tir (daughter)

Overprotective Mother
Morrigan promised herself that she would be a better mother to her child than her own was to her. Therefore, if you mess with Kieran, you will deal with an angry mama bear. She aims to give her son the world, spoils him rotten, and of course she expects him to keep up with his studies.

Morrigan is very studious. She enjoys gaining knowledge, saving knowledge, and much more. It isn't uncommon to find her with some tome in her hands, or to see her taking notes. She is hungry for knowledge, though she is no longer as power-hungry, as her focus has shifted to raising her son.

Until recently, Kieran and Morrigan stayed far away from people. At first Morrigan had Kieran to preserve the Old Ways, including the Old Gods, and this led to Morrigan leaving shortly after she became pregnant with him. However, as she raised Kieran, she began to care for him, and he became her son rather than a spirit's vessel. This has not stopped Morrigan from training her son's abilities, but it has introduced her to love. In this case, the love of a child. With Flemeth, Morrigan was constantly being used as a pawn, and she has promised never to use her son as a pawn. Whether she'll really succeed in this is yet to be seen, but she's certainly trying.

Morrigan is a fierce mother who puts her son above herself. This may shock those who know her from the past, as she was always looking out for nobody but herself. Everything had a motive, everything was a means to an end. She's not changed that much, everything does still have a means to an end, she just puts her son on an equal level with herself. Her sense of humor is not always understood, as it is dry, dark and sometimes not that funny. She is a blunt lady, stating her thoughts without worrying about someone else's feelings. She looks down on anyone she does not respect, and finds humans both weak and fascinating. Despite being human herself, she does not identify with the human race. She does, however, identify with mages, no matter their species. Her values or autonomy and power are cynical in nature, and she encourages independent thought above all else with her son. Morrigan is the most likely to play devil's advocate, or offer the most cynical, pessimistic views of a situation.


Younger Years

Morrigan was born to human parents in the Korcari Wilds, and adopted by Flemeth. At least, that's all she knows about her origins. Flemeth was always one to keep secrets, after all. Flemeth raised Morrigan in isolation, ensuring she would distrust humans, and never venture from the Wilds without permission. Of course, this caused Morrigan to prefer animals over people; and this played into her shapeshifting abilities.

In 9:20 Dragon, Morrigan was observing a group of Avvar hunters, and was frequently seen in nearby towns and villages near the Wilds. She would pester a local of interest, until she had gained too much attention or they had nothing more to tell her.

Eventually, Morrigan gave up on interacting with the world outside of the Wilds, and swore to Flemeth that she would never leave again. Furthermore, once she was old enough, she aided Flemeth in eliminating threats to them.

5th Blight Years

In 9:30 Morrigan was recruited by the Warden, and ventured with them to help end the Blight. Her son, Kieran was conceived when she revealed that there was a ritual that could be done, so that future Wardens would not die defeating the Archdemons. Keiran was conceived and the Blight was ended, and Morrigan disappeared.

From 9:30 until 9:37, Morrigan and Kieran were in hiding. In 9:37 Morrigan began serving as an adviser to Empress Celene, after arriving to the Orlesian Court.

Inquisition Years

In 9:41 Haring, Morrigan returns with the Inquisition from Halamshiral, and Kieran is, of course by her side. Morrigan and Kieran have frequented Skyhold since this day, though there are times where wanderlust takes them, and the two of them leave Skyhold. But they always return.

Present Day

Morrigan is without Loghain, and her children have mysteriously been aged to adulthood. She's not one to question the magic, or to doubt it, so she hasn't looked into why this has happened. The Veil is falling around them, and Thedas and the Fade are meeting — the world that she always dreamed of is here, and she's taking advantage of that. Morrigan's son, Kieran, has been wed to the Prince of Orlais. Morrigan has taken up post as an "advisor" to the Empress, but her actions are much darker than simple advising.

Will anyone learn why Loghain really died, or are they too afraid to question the witch, who hides her grief with anger, deceit, lies and charm?