Welcome, New Friends!

Valiant Hearts is a roleplay forum designed for ease-of-use. The staff team has a singular primary goal. This goal is to get characters created and in-play without being overwhelmed by lore and an exhaustive application process.

Reading the entire guide is not needed. In fact, you only need to read things within the “getting started” section of the guidebook to get started onsite. Valiant Hearts is centered on being an inclusive roleplay community, accommodating of all RP styles, post speeds, and character builds.

If you have an idea, talk to a staff member and see if your idea works with our lore. The answer isn’t always yes, but most of the time, it is!

General Overview
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly.
  • Polyam friendly.
  • Disability friendly.
  • ESL friendly.
  • No word count.
  • Community is active.
  • Many canon roles and franchise roles available.
  • Original characters encouraged.
  • Custom classes/specializations.
  • Voting on big site decisions.
  • No micromanagement.
  • Simple D&D dice system used for combat.
  • Choices matter and can change the world.
  • Many want ads and connections.
  • Site shop is active.
  • No experience with the games is needed.
  • Easy-to-write application.

General Guidelines
  • Valiant Hearts is a 3/3/3 site, and players must be 18+ to write with us here. Characters can be 16+, but characters under 18 cannot be in mature threads.
  • VH uses OOC accounts.
  • OOC account names should match your discord name.
  • IC accounts can follow the naming convention you’re most comfortable with. We don’t have any rules regarding whether your character has ‘First Name, Last Name’, ‘Last Name, First Name’, ‘First Name, Title’, ‘Title, First Name’, etc. We just ask that your names are reasonable. Your character is also welcome to just have a first name.
  • Joining the Discord server is mandatory. This is where a lot of our plotting happens, and announcements and polls go live here first.

Activity is done once every month at the end of the month. Every primary character is required two posts that month and every secondary character is required one post for that month. If you are unsure which your character is, please reach out to staff. We do a link gathering style AC, you'll post on an AC thread, all your characters in one post, and post your character's name with their link(s). If you have any questions regarding how AC works, please reach out to one of us. I promise we don't bite.


You have 6 skips per year to use, you cannot use more than 2 skips consecutively. If you hit 6 skips, the staff team will check in with you to see if you're interested in writing with us, and we may require you to lower your character count until you prove your activity.

Hiatus Notice with regard to Activity

While the staff team understands that sometimes people need to take a hiatus, it is not fair to other members who are active for someone to take a hiatus every time we have an activity check.

If you require a longer hiatus, the staff team will re-open your canon or franchise roles to be up for grabs, but will not actively advertise (with some exceptions) for these roles to be picked up again. If, after six months, your long-term hiatus ends and you are unable to return in a timely manner, then the team reserves the right to advertise the positions.

If you are on a long-term hiatus like this, we expect you to understand that we will give away canon or franchise roles to an interested party should they ask.

This is effective as of 03/12/2023. We're willing to work with members, but inactivity is not something that we want to foster.

Character Guidelines
  • We prefer you to host your images through our personal image hosting site. You can find the site here. If you have any questions regarding the site, please message someone on staff on the discord server.
  • We have canon roles onsite that are open for the taking. If interested in a role that isn’t listed on the canons page but could feasibly be a canon role, just let a staffer know and we’ll add it to the list.
  • We have our own Face Claim Directory, that has choices for faces and can help you get ideas.
  • Primary characters must post twice a month, secondary characters must post once a month.
  • Please be aware, Valiant Hearts does not allow the following to be written onsite: rape, pedophilia, child abuse and beastiliaty. We do allow implications in history of such things, but it will never be written on the site.
RP Guidelines
  • Valiant Hearts is a roleplay that uses a decentralized storyline, so any character can have as large or as small an influence on the site plot as the roleplayer may wish. This is regardless of organization ties or their canon status.
  • Custom post templates are not in use here, and will not be allowed. There are no templates in use in the posting areas of the sites to promote ultimate accessibility.
  • We’re here to write a story, but fight threads can be drawn-out, boring, etc. Due to this, we’re encouraging creative liberty in fights. You can use dice if you want them, and we have a dice bot on the discord, but it is not required. We ask you to use sound judgment and respect others when writing with them.