[Q2] fruit from the poisoned tree
Regrouping found home acting as lookout topside as Elyon and Ronan ventured down below. Well, he would like to think that. That he was being useful in a tense situation. In truth he was working on the most basic of first aid on his arm to control the bleeding that came from. The blade that had once been. Faelyn was going to fuss over this scarring. Rolling and tucking the bandages in place. Checking the status on the prisoner set away from the chasm he circled back. Eyeing the vine.

Ooc: Cian is tending to the stab wound he gained and check up on the dude he carried over when rejoining the group. Is currently standing on the edge looking down.
Coco's eyes riveted on Jareth as he beckoned forth a Spirit's Wisp. A flicker of astonishment graced her features, for she had never before borne witness to the ethereal glow of a wisp. The revelation did not incite fear; rather, a quiet understanding blossomed within her. She knew that Jareth's intentions were rooted in aid, a truth affirmed as she nodded appreciatively before returning her gaze downward. Thanks, Jareth. I'm genuinely relieved you're part of this team, she spoke sincerely, her words an offering of gratitude. Moments passed, and Elyon made a sudden approach, tracing a path down the winding vine. Coco's voice carried concern, halted mid-sentence as she observed the unexpected descent. Elyon! What are you-

There was no time for Bethany's response before Elyon embarked on his descent. The peril of the situation weighed heavily upon them all. Guys, maybe we should think about this before just heading down- Next, Ronan was descending the vine as well.

Yet, fortune favored their collective endeavor, for it was not long before Bethany's voice permeated the air, a comforting balm to their apprehension. A sigh of relief escaped Coco, her voice imbued with reassurance as she relayed Bethany's words. Don't worry, everyone. I've secured the vine. But the rest of you must remain above, lest this wretched thing snaps. Closing her eyes, Coco immersed herself in the earth, channeling her focus to reinforce the vine's structure, imbuing it with resilience and intricacy, rendering it easier to grip.


- Thanks Jareth for his kind words and encouragement
- Shocked that Elyon and Ronan are going down the vine without planning first
- Relieved that Bethany is alright and focuses on strengthening the vine to aid the three of them.
The dire situation hung over the team like a heavy shroud, but their unity and determination prevailed despite the adversity they faced. The air was thick with tension as the mage tried to make sense of the chaotic events that had transpired. Jareth, found himself caught in a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and emotions.
As he contemplated the series of events, Jareth's confusion deepened. It wasn't the potential dangers lurking in the depths below that bothered him most; it was the unsettling notion that something ominous might still be lurking above, hidden in the shadows of uncertainty. The once unbreakable telepathic link that had bound the team together now lay severed, leaving them disconnected and vulnerable. And Bethany, their dear comrade, had been swallowed by the earth's gaping maw.
This feels like the handiwork of a mage, Jareth pondered.
"Perhaps it was the mage girl who made an unfortunate misstep?" Hope's voice, a reassuring presence inside him, offered a speculative perspective.
Right, Jareth retorted with a hint of sarcasm, because taking a plunge into the abyss was probably on her to-do list.
"Exactly," Hope replied with childlike agreement, a hint of levity amidst the gravity of the situation.
But, seriously, Jareth couldn't shake his lingering concerns, what if the person responsible for this is still out there, lurking in the shadows?
"Everything will be fine," Hope tried to comfort Jareth, exuding a warm sense of assurance. "You need to concentrate on helping Bethany. Besides, if you're so apprehensive, why not reach out to a few trusted friends to assist in scouting the area?"
Jareth's internal turmoil continued to churn, his thoughts a turbulent sea of uncertainty. The team's fate and the mystery of what had transpired weighed heavily on his mind, but Hope was right, nothing good could come out of worrying. So he gathered his strength and focused on finding a way forward through the enigmatic challenges that lay ahead.

  • Jareth gets worried about the idea that someone dangerous might still be above.
  • Jareth has a conversation with the spirit of Hope.
  • Jareth decides to push his worries aside and just focus on the now.