Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Loghain felt pretty good for a man who had, days earlier, been a literal dead man. He still wasn’t sure he’d ever understand the magic involve in what Morrigan did, or what it meant in the long run, but there he was alive and well except for the minor detail of not remembering their daughter. Their daughter who was apparently taken by some weirdo elf name Elgar’nan. Had he remembered Asha, he’d be a lot more pissed off than he was, but for the moment there was only so much that they could do.

One thing he kept thinking about though, was that he’d been dead, for a couple of years, so well good and dead, not fresh dead, not sorta dead, DEAD. He wasn’t really sure how he felt about all that, what did it mean, was he healthy, were all his bits and bobs in their correct places. He didn’t know Cullen’s sister terribly well, but well enough that he decided to seek her out and ask. She was a doctor after all, he felt like maybe an opinion from someone who knew anatomy might be able to put his mind at ease that he was indeed whole.

He poked his head around where she usually hung out doing her research. That was another thing he wondered about, it was suggested he was no longer tainted, but he wasn’t entirely sure he’d believe it until perhaps Rosalie confirmed.

Rosalie? You around? He said as he knocked.
Rosalie was writing a letter to Vincent so that he would know that she was okay and that she missed him. At times she pondered seriously to return to Orlais but she was incredibly torn because being back with her family was incredible but she also wanted to form her own life with Vincent, even if she knew that it would be hard due to his warden duties.

Suddenly she heard a voice that she couldn’t pinpoint address her, she jumped from her chair and opened the door “Oh, Loghain” she said surprised by his presence. She had not spoken to him before even if she of course knew who he was. “There’s anything I can do for you?” asked the blonde curiously. She assumed that it was a medical question since there wasn’t any other reason for him to seek her.
Loghain smiled, but with the thoughts weighing on him and the fact he was leaving soon for Orlais, well he wasn’t in the greatest of moods. Not that it wasn’t his decision to go to Orlais, though it had been a tough one, but he wanted to be closer to Kieran, the only child he remembered actually having.

I’m sure being Cullen’s sisters, well and the fact that I’m standing here, that you’ve heard what Morrigan did. You may have even heard I’ve apparently lost memories of my daughter Asha since being brought back. I just…. You’re a doctor, can you just, do your doctor thing and make sure I’m all here? He’d never gone to a doctor before, only mage healers and even then rarely. He wasn’t sure what to expect but he was paranoid and felt it would put his mind at ease.
“Yes, I have been informed of the current situation” she said with an empathetic tone. “Oh, so you come here for a general check up?” said Rosalie with a smile “My knowledge of arcana is more limited but I can tell you from a biological point of view if everything is working” said the blonde as she gestured the table. “I will need to extract some blood for the internal tests and I will check your basic constants” said the blonde as she prepared her tools and changed into the set of clothes that she used for medical work, washing her hands on the process.
Yes, general check up, that sounds good. I mean I feel all here, but the type of magic she did in order to bring me back, well I just want to make sure the only thing I lost is a few memories and nothing else. He explained as he looked where she was gesturing and followed her directions. Still feeling hugely uncomfortable, but hopeful that she would be able to put his mind at ease.
Rosalie nodded as she started the tests. It was a pretty long exam in which Rosalie was full in business mode so it involved very little small talk and a lot of her focusing on her tasks and asking Loghain spare questions about possible symptoms. The test was long and through and after a couple of hours Rosalie closed her kit and smiled.

“While I can’t foresee the impact of unknown magic on your future health I can say confidentially that right now you are as good as I can be, of course if you experience any symptoms please come by!” she said with a bright smile.
“How is life treating you? The shock of coming back must have taken quite the toll on you” she said, her smile fading a little. While she was not his friend Rosalie cared a lot for her patients and right now Loghain was one of them.
Overall the experience of having a check up was a bit nerve-racking but entirely painless. He was imagining all sorts of things she could come back with and the longer it took the more he imagined. Though he kept a close eye on her facial expressions, and so far wasn’t picking up on anything that might suggest something was terribly wrong with him. No ‘oh gods’ or ‘oh this is bad’ or anything like that.

When she finished and said he was all there, he breathed a bit easier. It was probably silly that he even felt he needed the check up, but then how often did one come back from the dead. It wasn’t exactly common magic or else everyone would be doing it. He shrugged at her question.

You mean aside from not remembering a daughter I was apparently very close with? I guess things are all right. It’s weird though, I don’t really remember anything from being dead. I try, but all that’s there is this sort of dark emptiness and I don’t know if that’s because that’s all that there was, or because I just don’t remember my time being dead. He’d never thought much about an afterlife while he’d been alive, he was always more focused on the present, protecting his family, protecting Ferelden from Orlais and the Blight, he’d never had much time for religion and philosophy.