Character Artwork
Art by cutepencilcase (ty forever & always Meg! <3).

[Image: meg-marchmas~0.png]
Art by LOUELINart.

[Image: dfksout-c7c9cb24-0829-4cb0-9174-5726d38a1de5~0.png]
Art by ijwid.

[Image: portrait_by_ijwid_-_transparant_bg.png]
And because I commissioned it xD Chip & Cara also by LOUELINart.

[Image: dft8yvi-28197957-e5da-4282-b01f-5abda30ef5fb.png]

[Image: dft8yv9-dc1fdb10-7380-4ea4-aab6-155fe0b9a33e.png]
Another because I can: Olivia le Blanc art!

Art by sylanxi, aka drellvhen.

[Image: olivia_le_blanc__commission__by_sylanxi_...llview.jpg]
And Olivia & Vivienne (literally the ship that kicked off me & Ivy *fingerguns*)

Art by Drathe.

[Image: with_vivienne_by_drathe.png]