relaxing rain
Rain tapped on the glass, an inviting sound that drew Charlotte out of bed and to the window. She'd yet to venture outside the halls of the reconstructed circle, at least not when it had been raining. Such days reserved for relearning what her magic could do, how to write again, to interact with the world as someone new.

Today she intended to change that. Despite the early hour and grey skies. Venturing out in naught but her plain dressing gown and bare feet.

Stepping into the rain felt new. Different. Eyes closed as she smiled, tipping her head up toward the bleak sky above. Water droplets sliding down her skin, soaking into her hair and garment.

Amazing to relearn all the things she'd taken for granted before. And how the sensations could be so different.
It had indeed been a long day with a daunting to-do list. Being the new guy in town had thrust him into the spotlight, attracting more attention than he had anticipated. Nonetheless, he remained resolute in his commitment to build meaningful connections with the people he had met. But as the days passed, his dedication to studying old books and solving magical mysteries often pulled him away from social interactions."I do it to be better prepared to help," he reassures himself like a bard singing the same dang song, over, and over again. But couldn't help it, he always ended up unintentionally distancing himself from others.

Honestly, if I keep this up, I'll disappear, he lamented, genuinely worried about the direction his life was taking. The drastic changes had left him feeling adrift in unfamiliar waters, trying to navigate this new existence.

Then, as if scripted by fate, he saw her, a woman standing in the rain. It felt simple, a sensation he rarely experienced anymore. All he wanted was to join her in the rain, to embrace the uncomplicated joy. And without hesitation, he stepped into the rain, leaving behind the complexities of his day in exchange for the simple pleasure of the moment.