Announcement | #2: 8.11.2022
You guys have very likely noticed our new discord role—mentors! Mentors are people who are knowledgeable about Dragon Age, D&D systems, but most importantly the site lore. Mentors are people that staff trust to walk new players and old players alike through site-specific lore, systems, and character creation as needed. You can ask mentors about quest systems, lore, event systems, and more. They're not staff members, but volunteers who want to help the site and its members.

Our mentors are:
— Meg
— StringBat

Opening Promotions—
As we have now been open for a month, the opening promotion that had everyone's character starting at level 3 or level 5 is over! If you have submitted a character prior to today, but the staff team is taking time in getting their approval going, then that character will be levelled according to the promotion. Characters are now going to be levelled upon acceptance according to the information given out on the guidebook.

The Site Store
The site store is active~! Not every area is as full as the next, but there are items out there to purchase! If you have any questions about purchasing items, how to earn gold, how to spend gold, or how to submit items to the store, just reach out to a staff team member! The shop is meant to be an ever-growing thing, and we hope that you guys will help us submit ideas!

If you have an idea for the shop you need to submit the following:
Item Name:
Item Description (Written):

All About Levelling
Since the site is going at a steady pace, and people's characters are earning levels, we wanted to ensure that everyone knows we have a optional levelling template in the code forum. If you do not want to use those templates, please just use simple bbcode to create a level tracker. Level trackers are the easiest way to track levels without overwhelming yourself, or the staff team. This is because, as you track your threads and what levels that match up with, once you finish up a level and want to level up, you'd send the staff team a message on discord in the account maintenance channel.

From there, we would review your linked threads, ensure they do meet the requirements asked of you on the levelling page, and then level you up.

Cross-Classing Coming Soon
Cross-classing is going to be coming to Valiant Hearts in October. We'll be introducing this new system through a Samhain/Halloween themed event, and it will become a permanent fixture onsite. A huge shout out to StringBat for helping the staff team decide how to implement this system onsite. Smile 

New Characters Onsite!
These characters have joined the site in the last month or so, and could potentially use some threads! This is not a full and total list, just those characters who had low posts when I went through the listings.
Anders - Grey Wardens. Mage Trainer. Mage.
Aoife - Nomadic. In hiding. Mage. Hawke.
Alyvia - "The Mad Baroness". Rogue. Orlesian.
Byron - King of Ferelden. 
Blaire - Nomadic. Witch of the Wilds. Mage.
Cole - Aerial Protectorate. Ferelden. Novice Healer. Spirit of Compassion.
Diomara - Free Marches. Chantry. Cleric.
Fenris - Antivan. Mercenary. Warrior.
GlicAodh - Tevinter. Mage. Noble. Spirit of Envy.
Hermione - Nevarran Princess. Human. Mage.
Inala - Clan Varahel. Elvhen. Warleader. Rogue.
Kaari - Black Eden. Mage. Kossith. Dancer/Spy.
Katriel - Ferelden. Grey Warden. Aberration. Warden.
Laia - Rivaini. Seer. Rivaini Rebellion. Mage.
Nahreida - Nomadic. Mage. Magical Tattoo Artist. Aberration.
Nadas - Arlathan. Kossith. Hunter/Spy. Elvhen.
Nathaniel - Ferelden. Grey Warden. Rogue.
Nicolao - Antiva. Antivan Crow - Second Talon. Rogue.
Ragnar - Ferelden. Grey Warden. Constable. Warrior.
Remus - Nomadic. SingQuisition. Wanderer.
Romulus - Antivan. Antivan Crow. Slaver & Magister.
Sebastian - Free Marches - Starkhaven. Prince.
Siren - Nomadic. Ex-Slave, Spy. Rogue.
Tybolt - Antiva. Antivan Crow. Rogue.
Tomas - Antiva. Writer. Citizen.

Quests & Events
If you are interested in running an event or a quest, please refer to the guidebook entries about each—quests and events. Valiant Hearts strives to create a world that our members have a say in; and these systems are part of that.

We have a couple of player-ran quests going on, such as:
Frozen Flowers In This Heat? This questline takes place with Morrigan, who has been ordered by the Prince of Orlais to try and save his mother.
The Depths of Valammar This questline follows the dwarves of Belgond Knurla attempting to re-take a thaig.

This player-created event is officially closing. However this event is still open for past threads:
Celebration of Love This event was an icebreaker event to celebrate the betrothal of the King of Ferelden to the Princess of Antiva.

Wanted Ads & Requests
Grey Wardens
The Grey Warden's main hierarchy of the Anderfels is in shambles after their crushing defeat, leaving each nation to its own devices - and sole resources - to combat the Blight.  Few wardens survived the devastation of the Anderfels, but those that did joined their brothers and sisters in Orlais. While the Wardens have counted no losses in Nevarra, the spreading of the wights has forced them to flee to their comrades in other nations, with the majority winding up in the Free Marches. Rivain’s wardens - despite their home nation being forcibly taken by Antiva - continue to operate independently, but cooperatively, with the Antivan Wardens.
With Divine Victoria I dead and the murderer still at large, the Chantry is once again in the throws of chaos. Mothers who once thought their opportunity to ascend to the Sunburst throne gone now see a chance to grab power; to restore the Chantry to what it had once been before the meddling of a mage. The Grand Clerics are the highest religious authority for a country or region that follows the Orlesian Chantry. This highest ranking male authority within the Orlesian Chantry is known as the High Chancellor. He works closely with the Divine and helps with managing more menial, day-to-day tasks such as bookkeeping.
Rutherford Kids + Connor
The Rutherford children and Connor are up for grabs! If you're after younger characters, who have a lot of room for growth through roleplay, these are viable options. They live in Vigil's Keep with their parents. As for Connor, he was saved by the HOF and taken in by her, going so far as to join the Grey Wardens.
Royalty's Flaws (Antiva)
With one royal child left up for grabs, there's a lot of flaws coming to light about the Antivans. In fact, the Queen of Antiva has a history as a Crow, and as such... there's history to dive into. This plotline is great for people wanting political intrigue, betrayal, unrequited love/obsession, and as many dark plots as you care to toss my way. What will come to light?
No Sin is No Fun At All
Black Eden is a well known organization that is sought out by many. Its specialties are pleasure and secrets. The right amount of coin can get you a beautiful private dancer, yes, and perhaps even company, but for a night of your dreams with someone from your dreams, you need even more. Those of Black Eden are talented in playing the role of the exact kind of person you seek the company of, however you may seek it. However, there’s much more to the secret dealing business. A great amount of coin gets you the secrets of your enemy and secrets you know given to them can either get you greater secrets in return.
Family Together as One And Not
This ad is a request for Ari Walsh's family, a tie-in to Black Eden.
Fireflies for Asvaldr
When Val first came to Thedas he knew no one, at some point he ended up in Kirkwall helping mages and slowly building a group, after Kirkwall went Boom Boom, the group went to Orlais to help the rebel mages there. The group would steal from rich Orlesians in order to support the mages. They eventually were absorbed into the Inquisition. Where they are now is up to you, they could have followed Asvaldr into the Singquisition or be off doing their own thing now.
The Rutherfords for Cullen
With Cullen still in need of his brother and sister, these characters would have immediate tie-ins to Vigil's Keep, the Aerial Protectorate and the Rutherford children.
Clan Varahel
A somewhat well known clan within Ferelden, Varahel supported the Hero in ending the Fifth Blight, honoring the age old treaty between the Dalish elves and Grey Wardens. While early favor among humans was higher, initially, some relations began to fall apart when rumors of the werewolf curse expanded out of the Brecilian Forest.
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