Announcement | #3: 9. 01. 2022
Site Plot!

You guys voted to keep this month player-driven! However, I wanted to go ahead and offer you some challenges and random thread prompts to run with. Smile You can view everything on this spreadsheet here, but I'll also list it down below for those of you who are spreadsheet deterred. To turn in completed prompts and challenges, go to this discord thread and fill out the appropriate form. These challenges and prompts can be claimed for the listed rewards from September 1st, until October 1st.

If you are partaking of the challenges and prompts, please follow these rules:
  • You cannot trade prompts, or move them around to characters. If they don't fit a character, that's okay! You can make it work, surely? The entire idea of prompts and challenges is to be challenged and get outside of your comfort zone.
  • All threads must have at least 3 posts from your character for you to claim it as completed.
  • Unless a thread specifies a kingdom or location, you can write the prompts anywhere.
  • When using a challenge word or phrase, bold the word or phrase and color it using [ q ] word [ / q ] (remove spaces around the code).

For each completed challenge you can receive a random item from the store for 1 (one) character.

For completing your random prompts, you receive +5 mastery points to a foci on the character the prompt belonged too.

And remember! You are earning gold for each post Smile

These were randomly picked and assigned for this month. These are optional.

  1. Find a way to title your thread using one of the following words: leviathan, abeyance, schmooze, piggyback.
  2. Have your character have something trivial come up, that forces them to use the definition of trivial to explain the situation in a thread.
  3. Use the phrase "bags o' mystery" to describe something in your character's thread.
  4. Use the word "arfarfan'arf" in a thread title and in the thread with the title.

Character Prompts:
These were randomly generated and then randomly assigned. These are optional.

Quests & Events
If you are interested in running an event or a quest, please refer to the guidebook entries about each—quests and events. Valiant Hearts strives to create a world that our members have a say in; and these systems are part of that.

We have a couple of player-ran quests going on, such as:
Frozen Flowers In This Heat? This questline is in full-swing and is not open for joining
The Depths of Valammar This questline follows the dwarves of Belgond Knurla attempting to re-take a thaig. This quest is wide open! Please join and show the dwarves some love.
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