ANNOUNCEMENT #7 | 4.1.2023
Hi, folx! As you can see by the top of our WELCOME box, Valiant Hearts has been open for almost two years! Our two year anniversary will fall on August 1st, 2023! This may not be an exact date, but it is close enough.

But why am I telling you about our anniversary date?! Because we want your help! What kind of things would you like to see onsite to commemorate our time together? Send your ideas into the staff team and we’ll see what we come up with!

The hope is to eventually get a code up that automatically updates our ratios. However, until that time, every few months the staff team will be manually updating ratios! We hope that these ratio updates help you guys make conscious decisions to better support the site’s plots and needs.

The current reward offer (of up to 3,000g) goes until May 5th, 2023. After that point, a new ratio request and reward offer will go live for a handful of months!

NOTE: The staff team has added half-races into the mix; half-elves, half-kossith, and half-dwarves. Please update your characters accordingly by changing the drop-down species choice on their profile. Submit a help desk ticket through the maintenance bot to ensure your character receives their new member group and colors!

Maybe! With the resurrection of Solas/Fen’Harel/Dread Wolf for plot purposes, the door is now opened to potentially resurrect deceased characters. With spirits running rampant, now is a great time to tell everyone that when a body dies, the soul does not always die.

If you’re interested in resurrecting a dead character, whether they’re franchise/canon to the games, comics, movies, shows, etc. or have died previously in play, come chat with staff! We’ll see what we can do.

To help incentivize people to drop their character into quest threads and/or drop them into open threads, the staff team is going to reward anyone who takes and completes an open thread or sees a quest thread through to the end some extra gold.

Now, for all of my lovelies who the levelling system frightens, intimidates, or they just don’t want to do it: the shop now has a level pass for 1,500g. The great news about gold, is you earn it entirely by posting~!

So, let’s very briefly dive into the specifics of earning gold onsite. (These settings were updated on 3/27/2023 to account for the fact not everyone has time or wants to do the levelling system; but should still be able to level as quickly as their peers.)

Income Settings:
New Post: 25g per post
New Thread: 100g per new thread began
Per Character (letter): .035 per character (in both new thread and post)
Min. Character (letter): You must write at least 50 characters, this sentence is 70 characters.

All of these incomes do add together. So if you post a new thread, you receive 100g, then .03g for every character after 50 characters.

NOTE: Please check our open thread area of discord, and swipe some threads up! Taking threads from this channel, upon the threads closure and completion, the staff team will award the characters involved an extra 500g. Please submit a ticket letting staff know the thread needs to be closed, and that it was an open thread to receive your extra gold.
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