They flood all at once
The situation in Orlais was absolute shit. As badly as Vincent missed Rosalie, he wasn't sure if or when he was going to be able to get away to see her. Once they pulled back to a magically protected Val Royeaux, the second the warden-commander suggested they meet with the Ferelden warden-commander to update on the situation, Vincent jumped at the chance to be the one to go.

Not that Ferelden could do anything for them, but they had to be prepared for the case that Val Royeaux might eventually fall as well, at which point any surviving wardens would most likely go to reinforce what was left of Ferelden. They hoped it wouldn't come to that, but felt a meeting was prudent. Vincent wrote to Rosalie a lot since she left Orlais, but he decided to leave this trip out of the letters, so that he could surprise her.

He arrived at Amaranthine, via the Eluvian network, and looked around. Vincent had never been to Amaranthine before, and did not know where Rosalie might be, so he just started walking around, keeping a close eye out not wanting to walk by her and not notice. He stopped at the tavern and considered asking for directions where he might find Commander Cullen. She'd be somewhere around her brother, wouldn't she? Someone said he'd probably be at either Vigil's Keep or Soldier's Peak, but that wasn't that helpful. He stayed where he was standing and considered his options.
Rosalie was speaking with Cullen about the recent group of soldiers that had required medical assistance, since she believed that part of the reason of why the wounds were so infected when she got to them was due to an inadequate prophylaxis.

Suddenly she saw in the distance raven hair and she squeed, interrupting her passionate speech about cleaning wounds and usage of aseptic tools, running towards her lover, pulling him into an excited embrace and a kiss before being painfully aware of the fact that her brother was there, just….seeing it all.
Rosalie pushed him, blushing hard and avoiding Cullen’s gaze “uhm…brother? This is Vincent”
Cullen went from one moment being berated by his little sister, to her suddenly running off into someone's arms. He was taken by surprise for a moment, but quickly surmised that this must be the Orlesian grey warden with which she'd mentioned having feelings for. Cullen wasn't all that happy about the fact that she'd fallen for a Grey Warden, only because of the high chances for heartache, not that there was anything wrong with being a grey warden. He was just overprotective of his little sister. Still, he pushed all that aside and walked over to welcome the man that had stolen his sister's heart.

You must be Vincent. It's good to finally put a face to the name. I really appreciate you escorting Rosalie to the Orlesian border for me.
Vincent wasn't sure what he'd been expecting, obviously seeing Rosalie where her family was would mean meeting her family, but he still felt under prepared for the moment. Not to mention a bit surprised by Rosalie's hello, though he didn't mind it either, but it did make meeting her brother awkward. Once they were done embracing and Cullen had come forward to introduce himself, Vincent smiled sheepishly.

Er, yes well I was glad to do it, I wish I could have brought her all the way here but at the time I couldn't get away, if not for the Eluvian network that went up I still wouldn't be able to get away, but that's changed quite a lot hasn't it..... though it is a bit weird.
“I do appreciate the eluvian network, it does help when I have to share stuff with other academics and well, of course I appreciate having you here now” she said with a blush looking at her lover, there was a silly smile as she looked at him, the fact that she was smitten all written over her face. “How long can you stay Vincent, if you can stay the night I am sure of that we can provide you with a room to leave your things and then sleep, can’t we Cullen?” she said looking at her brother. She thought to offer her room but she didn’t know how well would sound considering that they had only kissed once.

“I can show you Amaranthine Vincent, it has quite the lovely spots!”
Cullen couldn't help but wonder what events had come to pass that resulted in Vincent becoming a grey warden, since they often took in thieves and murderers. His sister trusted him, so he had to assume that either Vincent tole her why he was a grey warden and it wasn't anything serious, or she had yet to find out yet, since he was sure his sister wouldn't take up with a murderer. He did his best to clear his thoughts and agree with Rosalie.

Yes, of course, we've got plenty of room here. You should have dinner with us tonight.
When Vincent became a grey warden, he sort of gave up the idea that he'd ever find love, because who would want to be with a grey warden? Meeting Rosalie hadn't been the plan. She had been a surprise. At first he'd told himself she deserved better than him, but between her stubbornness and his heart, falling in love with each other had become inevitable. He felt nervous about finally meeting her brother, but he hoped it wasn't showing. He smiled warmly.

That would be amazing. I can definitely stay the night and I'd love to have dinner with everyone. He imagined Lana would be there. Her reputation preceded her, so he was a bit more nervous about meeting the Hero of Ferelden, Warden Commander of the Ferelden grey wardens and Arlessa of Amaranthine.
“We shall stop by for diner indeed! Meanwhile brother we will have a little walk together if you don’t mind it?” she said grabbing Vincent’s hand with a polite smile “See you later brother!” said the blonde as she pulled a little bit her lover’s hand so that he would follow her. She adored her brother but she also wanted a little bit of alone time with Vincent. They had never been alone since Vincent declared his love for her, and she wanted to just be with him in peace, without people around her.
Cullen nodded, he understood why the two would want to be alone, since if he had his information correct, they hadn't properly been alone since Vincent had professed his love for Rosalie, at least if he recalled her telling of it correctly it all happened just before leaving with Nathaniel.

Yea just come by around 7pm, I'll go talk to Lana and let her know and make sure the guest quarters are ready. You know where to find me if you need anything. With that he turned himself and headed in the opposite direction, figuring he'd better let Lana know they'd have company sooner rather than later.
Once Cullen was out of ear shot, he turned his attention to Rosalie. So that's the great Commander Cullen? I have to say I expected him to be taller. He said, a bit teasingly, but then who hadn't heard of Commander Rutherford, his time with the Hero of Ferelden in the Fifth Blight and then his time with the Inquisition, he'd made quite a name for himself. Putting that aside, Vincent was happy to finally have Rosalie to himself.

I'm sorry I can only stay the night before I have to get back. Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that I can meet with the Free March commander while I'm here, I'm not sure my commander would have let me go, but I'm here now, so that's really all that matters in the end.
“Well he’s quite tall” said the blonde with a smile “He’s definitively taller than me” she added. She was incredibly happy to have Vincent, even if it was only for a day.
“Being able to spend the night with you is already a bleesing” she said leaning on him as they walked. “I sadly likely won’t go to bed very late because I am tired from all the work but I’ll stay up for as long as a I can and you can of course sleep in my quarters, no need for you to go to an inn” she offered kindly.

“How are things going in the front lines?” asked the blonde “Are things getting better?” she asked offering her hand for him to hold.
Things are, well, they’re going that’s for sure. We’re losing a lot of the smaller villages, but so far the bigger cities like Val Royeaux and such are safe. We’re hoping to fin the archdemon and deal with that, if we can do that, everything else will just fall into place from there. He explained, they needed a break, but he wasn’t sure if they were going to get one.

How have things been here? We get reports, but we’re also so focused on our own problems it’s hard to really pay full attention to what’s going on in Ferelden. From everything I’ve heard it sounds about the same as us, not great, but could be worse. He asked, then adding quickly, OH and the research, how’s that going?
“Well it’s a pity for the people that live here but sadly these are always the first ones to fell, I saw it back then when the blight struck my home, Honnleath fell pretty fast despite of that we did our best to protect it from the darkspawn” she said remembering the desperation when her siblings realized that the only way to survive was to flee their home.

“My brother would be able to fill you better on that but yes, pretty much what you have said. I travel to other cities from time to time to offer my assistance to people and further my research” she shrugged a bit “It goes slower than I wished but steady. I do have finished a prototype medicine but I’d need someone that just got tainted in order to be sure of that it works and I am a bit scared to give that step, what if it kills the person instead of curing it? Despite of all my cautions only the Maker knows the future”

She offered him a smile "Your presence here is a breath of fresh air admittedly, it takes me a bit away from the work. This is my first night off in months" she admited shyly.
He nodded when she spoke about the fifth blight, he’d been safe tucked away in Orlais at the time, none the wiser to the struggles of the Fereldens. Not even a grey warden at the time, that would come years later. Though he did remember hearing a rumour that Orlais had been planning to send forces in to help Ferelden, but as far as he knew it never happened.

I’m sorry you had to go through that, fuck even sorrier you have to go through it twice. I mean what are the odds that we’d see this many blights in barely a twenty year span. It worried him that Rosalie was going out to other villages during the blight, and not staying where it was safe in Amaranthine, but he wasn’t stupid enough to comment on it. She was smart and capable, he wasn’t about to act the overprotective boyfriend towards her. Well, as long as you’re being as safe as you can, I’m glad you’re able to help! He perked up at the progress she was making on the taint research. Not that he pretended to really properly understand it, but he understood its importance that was for sure.

I’m sure you’ll find someone or something. Would animals work the same as humans for research purposes? I only ask because I often come across tainted animals in my travels around Orlais, but I don’t know if the principle is the same as with humans. He hated seeing tainted animals, because there was little that could be done for them. He’d heard they could undergo the joining just like any being, but they’d eventually suffer the same ill-fated end that the wardens did, it seemed kinder to just put them down.
“It’s okay I have a lot of people that take care of me and can cover me. I worry more about the people that doesn’t have such luck” said Rosalie with a sigh.

“I mean, they would better than no subject but again it’s not possible to extrapolate all the animal results to humans since their biology work different. If the prototype works or fail I wouldn’t be able to know if it was due to its nature or the physiological difference” said the blonde. “The optimal would be a recently tainted person…” she hesitated “or to use it as a remedy on a warden directly. It would have to be taken daily and it would not cure what the taint has already done to the body but it would stop the advance. The problem is that the warden would also lose whatever benefits you have due to it” she wanted Vincent to know all the information just in case he suggested anyone.