In 9:45 Dragon, Fen’Harel (Dread Wolf, Solas, et.) and his band of spies known as the Sylvas, took to Skyhold after successfully misleading the Inquisitor and the rest of the Shadow Council. The Sylvas mages granted themselves to Fen’Harel, in order to remove the Veil between the Fade and Thedas.

Many of the people involved in the removal of the Veil died, their bodies disintegrating into ash. It’s said that one or two persons survived, how, is only known to those people. The Sylvas promptly disbanded with the loss of their leader, and the Fade once again became one with all of Thedas.

The Fade’s presence in the world has changed things, and has changed people. People who have never had magic suddenly find themselves with magic in some cases. Mages, who have always had magic, find themselves possessed with a demon, spirit, or a Vessel. Those who were not possessed died, and a great number of mages were found deceased of unknown causes.

The Divine Victoria, Vivienne de Fer, who spent years recreating the Circle of Magi to be schools, not prisons, turned her attention to trying to ward off the possession of mages. She was assassinated by an unknown assailant, and her work is incomplete. The position of Divine remains untouched, the Chantry is in shambles. Some of the Chantry’s most loyal are questioning who the Maker is, if Fen’Harel tore the Veil down… and created it? Crisis of faith are around every corner for the most devout.

The Divine's work is continued in Starkhaven, under the watchful eye of a hopeful prince.
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SITE PLOT I: THE BLIGHTS — 11/12/22 - to 05/30/23
There are two Blights rampaging throughout Thedas, primarily focused on Antiva (Rivain and Arlathan, too) and Ferelden. There is no central organization to fight this battle; the Inquisition has disbanded and the Inquisitor has gone to Arlathan.

Grey Wardens, your duty calls to you once again.

One archdemon walks among you, disguised as one of you.
The other wreaks havoc.

Will you have a hand in saving Thedas?
Or will these Blights run rampant for a hundred years?

It’s up to you.

05/01/23: The Ferelden Blight has ended, thanks to Ragnar Caius. The archdemon, Razikale, has been purified.
05/30/23: The Orlesian Blight has ended thanks to Lana Rutherford and a ritual performed to purify the archdemon.
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The Evanuris are real.

That’s the first thing anybody that’s met them would tell you. This is especially mind-boggling to the Dalish when they learn that the Dread Wolf is… a nice guy. Those who have met him might tell you that he’s a little off; but then he’s a wolf spirit who was deitified by the People.

He gets to be a little off.

It should come as no surprise that Elgar’nan wants power. His history with Mythal and her guard, protector, and lover is not a good one. And people with power hold the longest grudges.

A war is brewing between the two sides—The Sylvas stand for the freedoms of the People and work with Arlathan. The Eth stands for the recreation of what was lost.

Will you be enslaved to Elgar’nan’s cause or will you be the one that stops him?

If history’s repeating itself, perhaps we should revisit the history books.

Learn all you can, weary souls, before it’s too late.

The Evanuris will return.
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