Threads of Fate: A Meeting of Souls
Jareth wandered through the lavish halls of Starkhaven Palace, his gaze sweeping over the ornate surroundings. The opulence of the palace was a stark contrast to the humble origins he had known, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of awe mingled with uncertainty.

Lost in his thoughts, Jareth unintentionally found himself in a bustling corridor where a group of people was engaged in lively conversation. He paused, realizing he had strayed into unfamiliar territory. Amidst the crowd, a figure caught his attention, a woman with a confident presence and an air of wisdom about her.

Curiosity piqued, Jareth couldn't help but wonder if she might hold the answers he sought. Summoning his courage, he approached the group, his eyes fixed on the woman who seemed to exude a certain aura of knowledge.

As he edged closer, Jareth finally found the words. Excuse me, he ventured, his voice carrying a note of hesitation. I hope I'm not intruding, but I couldn't help but notice your presence. My name is Jareth, and I've been seeking guidance on matters concerning spirits and the Fade.

He offered a tentative smile, his eyes filled with a mixture of curiosity and hope. I have heard that you possess great wisdom in these matters, and I was wondering if you might be willing to share your insights with me.

Jareth's voice trembled slightly, revealing both his genuine interest and his uncertainty. He had never crossed paths with the mage advisor before, but something about her demeanor compelled him to reach out and seek her guidance.
Being an advisor to the Prince of Starkhaven came with quite a few meetings.  Most of the time Bethany didn't mind - she got to meet interesting people, learn more about what was happening across the Marches, and hopefully change a few hearts and minds along the way to be more friendly to magic.  Ever since the Veil fell there was no avoiding it - it was truly everywhere and at some point people were going to have to accept that.  Centuries of Chantry doctrine and teachings, however, made that complicated.

She was just wrapping up and about to head back to her office when she was approached by a young man she didn't recognize.  At least, not directly - there was something slightly familiar about him, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.  Just one of those faces, perhaps.

Bethany couldn't help a slightly embarrassed smile.  She was getting used to being taken seriously as an expert, but such flattery wasn't yet quite so common.  "I don't know about wisdom per say," she replied modestly, "but I do have rather a lot of experience with magic and the Fade - or what used to be the Fade, I suppose.  I'd certainly be happy to try to help.  I was just heading back toward my office, I have a little time to talk now if you like."
Jareth's eyes lit up with excitement as Bethany expressed her interest in exploring the mysteries he had mentioned. He appreciated her openness and willingness to delve deeper into the dreams that had been haunting him. There was a sense of connection between them, as if they shared a common understanding of the hidden depths of magic.

I've been having these dreams, you see, Jareth began, his voice filled with a mix of curiosity and hope. They're ancient and powerful, like echoes from a forgotten time. I can't shake the feeling that they hold some kind of significance, but I haven't been able to make sense of them on my own.

He paused for a moment, searching for the right words to convey his thoughts. I was hoping that with your vast knowledge and expertise, we could join forces and uncover the truth behind them.

Jareth looked at Bethany, his eyes shining with anticipation. He could sense her passion for magic and her deep understanding of the Fade, and he believed that their combined efforts could lead to remarkable discoveries.
Dreams.  Dreams were curious things, sometimes intangible and devoid of true meaning, but for those attuned to magic they could be much, much more.  What Jareth was describing felt like it belonged in the latter category - ones that held meaning, perhaps even reflections of what was or what was to be.  Perhaps he was one that had an affinity for them - it was hardly unheard of, especially now.

"I'll do my best to help - you've certainly peaked my curiosity," she said, gesturing for him to enter her office and take a seat once they arrived.  She offered a drink (she always kept water and tea on hand), as was only polite to do, and would get one for herself too if he accepted.

"Now, what can you tell me about these dreams?  How long have you been having them?  What stands out about them?"  There were a lot of questions to ask and answer before she could come to any sort of conclusion, but this seemed an easy enough place to begin their exploration.
Jareth followed Bethany into the office, glancing around at the shelves filled with books and magical artifacts, each bearing their own unique story. The room had a comforting aura about it, and it provided some solace to Jareth who was grappling with his inexplicable dreams.

He accepted the offered tea, grateful for the warmth that filled his hands. A small smile played on his lips as he looked up at Bethany. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. It... means a lot.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts before he started. As Jareth began his story, his words, while clear, wavered with a hint of trepidation, a mere echo of the deep-seated confusion that haunted him. His dark eyes held a distant look, as if he were not merely reciting his dreams, but reliving them. The rich tapestry of his dreamscape unfolded in the space between them; the ethereal realm of the Fade with its mysterious, ancient presence and the enigmatic spirit, its aura both comforting and mournful.

His voice dropped to a murmur, the echoes of his dream seeming to resonate in the quiet room, filling the space with an energy that felt almost tangible. It was as though a thread had been spun from his dreams, extending from his mind to the surrounding room, weaving itself into the fabric of reality. A moment of silence settled in the room after he had finished speaking, his tale lingering in the air, a palpable tension that sought resolution.

Jareth hesitated for a moment, searching for the words to express the strangeness of his dreams. I'm not alone in the dream. There's a spirit, or at least, I believe it's a spirit. It communicates with me, not with words, but through images and feelings. It's like it's trying to tell me something or guide me to some understanding.

He glanced at Bethany, hoping his explanation was making some sense. The spirit seems benevolent. There's a warmth to it, a sense of wisdom, but also a hint of sadness. And... desperation.

His gaze dropped to the tea in his hands, lost in thought. Every time I wake up, I feel like I've missed something crucial, something that could potentially change everything. He looked back up at Bethany, a flicker of desperation in his own eyes mirroring that of the spirit in his dreams.
As he spoke, the air between them seemed to shift.  There was a weight to it, as if something intangible was becoming more real.  As he spoke she could almost see what he was describing as if she was there.  She didn't know if he was doing it intentionally or not, to her it seemed less an intentional illusion and more of... an echo made tangible, for lack of a better descriptor.

That alone would be enough to take this seriously, but that plus a spirit looking for help and she was instantly invested in sorting this out.  "Well, clearly this spirit needs something and was able to connect with you to communicate that," she mused.

"Is there anything you can recall that would point us to a place or time or what the particular concern is?  Anything that felt strong, or imagery that was recurring even if it wasn't quite the same each time?  That might give us a starting point to unravel this."  There were a few different ways they could approach this situation, but if there was anything that could give them a clue as to what the heart of it was she'd have a better idea where to start.
Jareth, seemed a bit uneasy as he rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding her gaze. His expressive eyes darted around the room, searching for a distraction, as if he were contemplating how to approach the subject delicately. He was always honest to a fault, though he had learned to consider how others might feel about the truth. But some things were just too peculiar to talk about, and this was one of those times.

Well, there was this one thing... His voice trailed off, a hint of hesitation in his tone. He swallowed nervously as if trying to gather his thoughts before continuing. Attempting to change the subject, he considered making a comment about the weather, but he knew he couldn't avoid the topic entirely, especially since he had already confessed to associating with spirits. Taking a deep breath, he squared his shoulders and decided to open up.
It's some sort of symbol, perhaps, he finally admitted, his voice soft but steady.

It appeared so quickly, almost like a fleeting vision.

His mind raced, recalling the intricate details of the crest. It was a complex design, featuring intertwining symbols that seemed to dance in harmony. The image of it had left a lasting impression on him, and he couldn't shake the feeling that it held some significance.

It's hard to recognize, but perhaps I could try to draw it for you, he offered, mustering a small smile.
She watched as her proceeded to draw the symbol, at first simply curious as to what it might be.  However, as the nature of the shape became clear she felt a chill go up her spine.  She had presumed this meeting to be somewhat accidental, him seeking her out because she was a well-known mage in Starkhaven, but this was telling her that there was far more too it.  The question was whether or not he realized that.

"That's the Amell crest.  I know it well, but it could be pointing to any number of things." Her gaze grew more intent as she spoke, searching his countenance for any clues as to whether or not he was being truthful as to just how much about this sigil he truly knew when she spoke.  "Are you familiar with that name?"

If he was observant, he'd be able to tell from the tone of her voice she knew more than she'd said so far.  She didn't want to entirely tip her hand until she had a better sense of whether or not he had any inkling that whatever he was seeing was directly tied to her family.
Jareth's vibrant green eyes, mirroring the curiosity that danced within them, flicked up from the intricate symbol he had sketched. Meeting her gaze, he wore an honest, slightly perplexed expression, as if the world beyond the Circle Tower of Ferelden was an uncharted realm he was just beginning to navigate.

I must admit, he began, his voice carrying a soft lilt, I'm rather ignorant when it comes to noble crests and symbols. My life has been confined from the rest of the world for as long as I can remember, I thought such matters were of little concern.

Leaning forward, his posture an embodiment of earnest curiosity, he continued, And that's where you come in. You being a well-known mage in Starkhaven, I thought you might have some insights.

Jareth's height, placed him at a comfortable level of eye contact with her, ensuring his earnest gaze met hers directly. His tousled chestnut hair seemed to catch the ambient light, casting a gentle halo of warmth around his head.

His words held a mixture of intrigue and genuine curiosity, his voice carrying a melodic quality, reminiscent of a bard's tale. When he had drawn this symbol, he had harbored the hope of unraveling its mysteries alongside someone deeply entrenched in history and society.

If this crest means anything to you, he added, his eyes shining with a spark of excitement, I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Maybe together, we could peel back the layers of uncertainty and shed light on the dream that has been haunting me for too long.

As he spoke, Jareth's demeanor seemed to invite her into a shared journey of discovery, his genuine fascination with the unknown mingling with his subtle yet undeniable charm.
There was so earnest and genuine about Jareth.  His curiosity seemed so innocent and sincere, and he seemed to eager to explore this mystery that she almost felt bad about being cautious before revealing more.  Almost.  With the name Hawke one couldn't be too careful about these things.

"The Amells were a noble family from Kirkwall that had a distinct tendency toward producing mages.  I know of one in Ferelden who was part of a Circle, I also know of a father and daughter who I believe are still in the Kirkwall area, though neither of them are mages." And while she liked Charade well enough, she would never trust Gamlen.  "And then the branch of the line I'm most familiar with is my own.  My mother was an Amell, and so my sister, brother, and I hail from that line as well."  Odd that her mother's family connections were coming up - it was usually her father's that had caused trouble.

"So the crest could be pointing to a person, or a place.  Like I said, Kirkwall is where the estate is, though none of us are living there at the moment.  Kirkwall has also been the center of a lot of magic throughout the ages, not always of the good kind though.  Not sure why it seemed to attract blood magic and demon shenanigans, but..." she shrugged, leaving the sentence unfinished.  Kirkwall had more than its fair share of trouble over the years, that was well known enough.
Jareth's expression revealed a mix of intrigue and concern as he delved into the newfound information about Bethany. It was as if he had stumbled upon a cryptic puzzle, one that beckoned him with a promise of answers yet shrouded itself in layers of enigma. The air was charged with an electrifying sense of possibility, reminiscent of the days when he was entangled in the affairs of the Inquisition. A slight furrow of his brows hinted at the depth of his contemplation.

However, amidst his internal musings, Jareth recognized that he stood at a crossroads, a juncture where his unique gift could illuminate the path ahead. He had honed his dream walking abilities during the tumultuous days of the Inquisition, wielding them as both a weapon and a tool for discovery. But it still was uncharted territory, clearly, he was no expert. And without the fade, it seemed to only become more complicated.

Turning to face Bethany, his voice emerged with a gentle cadence that barely masked the nerves beneath. Bethany, he began, his gaze locking onto hers with a mixture of earnestness and vulnerability, would you consider dream walking, with me? His words hung in the air, weighty and pregnant with meaning.

The notion of asking someone to share this unconventional voyage was not lost on him. Dreamwalking was an intimate dance between minds, a connection beyond the realms of the waking world. He understood the inherent trust that this proposition demanded, and his heart beat a little faster as he awaited her response.

It's an unusual request, I know, he continued, a sheepish smile touching his lips, but these dreams... they hold a key, a fragment of a puzzle we've stumbled upon. I can't shake the feeling that together, through our combined abilities, we might unravel the mystery that eludes us. His gaze, intensified by his sincerity, sought hers as if attempting to bridge the gap between their thoughts before any words were spoken.
It took a moment for the implications of his question to sink in.  Jareth was a Dreamer.  It was such an incredibly rare gift, and dangerous if in the wrong hands.  It would work differently now, of course, but it was still powerful magic that had to cautiously be used.

She didn't know Jareth, not well, but it was clear there was some sort of mystery binding them together and she was intrigued enough to want to solve it.  Her sister would object, as any mage in their right mind would, but with some preparation, and perhaps some oversight, it could be done and had a chance of giving them the answers they sought.

She had the sense that this wasn't something he would ask of someone lightly, but she still wanted to be cautious about accepting.  "I would.  There's a good chance it could help us figure out what all this is about.  That said, I think we ought to take some precautions.  Given what we've deciphered so far, it might make sense to make the attempt in Kirkwall.  And Kirkwall is... a complicated place when it comes to magic.  We should set some safeguards, just in case."  That would be important no matter what, but especially in Kirkwall.

"And, if you don't mind, I'd like to invite my sister along.  It may take some convincing, but I'd feel better about dream walking knowing that someone is watching over us while we're in a dream state." Or whatever state it was technically called these days.
Jareth's nod held a sense of gravity, his gaze a pool of deep thought as he locked eyes with Bethany. Your caution is well-placed, he acknowledged, his voice steady yet introspective, and your sister's presence would indeed be a comfort. His words seemed to carry an unspoken layer, as if he were contemplating the multitude of implications that their journey held.

He paused, allowing a thoughtful silence to hang in the air. It was as though he was peering beyond the surface, delving into the complexities of their plan and the shadows it might cast. The realm of dreams, with its ethereal landscapes and enigmatic rules, was not a realm to be approached lightly. It was a realm that held both revelations and risks, and Jareth was acutely aware of that balance.
The realm of dreams is both mysterious and unpredictable, he continued, his voice a murmur of insight. Having another pair of eyes, especially one you trust, is a wise decision. His gaze seemed to see beyond the present moment, as if he were envisioning the potential twists and turns that their venture might take. It was a gaze that held the weight of knowledge, of understanding the significance of every choice they were making.
Jareth's genuine smile broke through, an intricate tapestry of emotions woven into his expression. His eyes sparkled not just with the twinkle of curiosity, but with the depths of contemplation and a quiet sense of hope. I believe we're embarking on a path that will undoubtedly reveal more than we can fathom, he reflected, his words carrying a resonance of both caution and anticipation. But with your insights and our combined abilities, I'm hopeful that together, we can navigate whatever challenges lie ahead.

As he extended his hand toward her, the gesture seemed to hold a weight beyond its simplicity. It was a gesture of solidarity, a silent pledge that they were in this journey together, facing the unknown as a united front.

Shall we then, he asked, his tone a blend of invitation and determination.
It was nice to see a mage so hopeful.  There had been so much turmoil in the recent years and his earnestness was refreshing.  Whatever had brought them together, she hoped that this adventure of theirs ended well.

She took the offered hand, shaking it and symbolically signing on to the journey ahead.  "I'll need a couple of days to make preparations and drag my sister away, but I don't think any of that will be an issue.  I'll let you know as soon as everything is ready."

The next days went smoothly enough; taking time away wasn't an issue and while she wouldn't exactly say her sister was eager to join them, Bethany knew that if she intended to do this Leaf wanted to be there.  Soon enough, they were back in Kirkwall and setting up in the house that her mother and sister had called home at one point.  She'd never really had the opportunity, but at this point she wasn't sure she'd even want that.

She had to admit she was a little nervous about doing this.  She knew about dreamers, of course, and in theory how that worked but she wasn't sure how it would with the Veil gone.  Regardless, she felt more secure with Leaf there to make sure nothing went too far awry.

Once everything was ready, she looked to Jareth for their next steps.  "So, how will work?"
It had indeed been a strange journey, and amidst all the possibilities he had considered, the idea of dreamwalking with someone else had never crossed his mind. Concealing his unique gift from the world for so long had hindered his ability to practice it, let alone master it. Yet, it was not just dreamers who could traverse the enigmatic realm of the Fade. Now that the veil had been shattered, he couldn't help but wonder if their plan would still work.

Leave the details to me, he reassured her, his voice carrying a sense of confidence. He extended a piece of parchment to her, its surface bearing a location scrawled in ink. Meet me there when you're ready. With those words, he began to turn away but paused, looking back over his shoulder. Oh, and... don't forget to bring lyrium. We'll certainly need it.

Having conveyed his message, he exited her office. As he walked away, his thoughts continued to churn, pondering the best approach for the ritual that would grant them a glimpse into the unknown beyond.